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    Great, but...

    • Written by from BROADLANDS

    I have had my Mophie Juice Pack Plus (the big one) for almost two years now. Absolutely no problem with charging or getting a full charge on my phone. I RARELY take the Mophie off my phone. I leave it on my phone, charge it overnight and, typically, am fully charged overnight...as well as my phone. It has no problem charging my phone to 100%. I also leave the charging switch to the "on" position so I'm constantly charging my phone until the Mophie runs out of juice. On the rare occasions where that has happened, I can take off the Mophie, plug it in, and still have nearly a full charge on my phone.

    My BIGGEST gripe is the flare I get on all my flash pictures because of the reflection on the camera/flash opening. It's very deep and, even though it angles away from the lens, the pictures I take with the Mophie attached are horrible. I take the same picture with the Mophie case removed and the picture turns out perfectly. Seems like a suitable solution, but forget about spontaneity. I don't take a ton of flash pics but I WOULD like to find a solution, whether it's painting that opening with a very flat black paint or just cutting it to make it larger.

    Regardless of the flash flare issue, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

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    Mophie Customer Service

    • Written by from GODFREY

    I had my mophie for 10 months. It really comes in handy for long bike rides and runs where I use an app that uses GPS which drains battery. A few weeks ago, it suddenly stopped charging my iPhone. I sent an email to mophie and they responded quickly. I could not find my receipt, but I sent a photo of the serial # from the inside of the case.. I received a return authorization and within a week they sent me a new one. I was pleased that they made good on their warranty. I really like the ability to keep my phone charged.

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    Love it

    • Written by from Abilene

    I bought a Mophie with my iPhone 4S. It worked beautifully for me. I dropped it several times and it was fine but finally one drop seemed to affect the charging. I fiddled with the cord and case and when it showed it was charging, I would gently set it down and it would charge. I have loaned it to others who like it. Bought another so have 2 now. Only thing I don't like is that it is heavy. Would definitely buy again.

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    problem charging

    • Written by from Austin

    I had the same problem as others describe. My mophie stopped charging suddenly. I took the iPhone from the apparatus and blew high velocity air over the connector for the phone and into the micro connector on the side. Works fine now. I guess things get crudded up from the pocket lint.

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    Mohpie Juice Pack Pro for 4s WOULDNT CHARGE but i FIXED it!!!!!

    • Written by from WESTLAKE VILLAGE

    My Mophie Juice Pack Pro would not charge after a couple of months and I figured I got ripped off like most of the other reviewers due to a failed port connection . Then the phone rang and I dropped it (without the rubber outside part on to keep it all together). The pack hit the ground and broke in to the 3 separate pieces. I actually thought it was only a 2 piece thingy and diddnt know the bottom piece disconnected from the back top piece. Too make a long story short I reconnected the 3 pieces and now it works fine!!!! The moral of the story is make sure all 3 pieces are well connected. PRAISE THE LORD !!!!

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    Love it

    • Written by from calverton

    I have to say it is easy to put on/take off and it keeps my iPhone 4 charged for about three days. So what is bad? The top is too big to fit my beats cable so whenever I listen to music I have to take off the top... Nuisance? Yes. Also it is a little big for an iPhone case and the back scratches easily. on the other hand I love it and def worth the money.

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