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    Too good to be true

    • Written by from Patchogue

    I bought this drive last week and it worked fine for a few days, now it won't even read on my MacBook Pro. I literary tried everything, using different cables, letting it rest for a while and then trying again but nothing. Now I don't even know what to do since I moved all my files to the hard drive. I called LaCie and they told me to try in a different computer (Windows) and I did, but I had the same results. Definitely taking it back to the Apple Store to see what my options are, hope I can get my files back... :(

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    either defective iMac or defective appliance

    • Written by from Laramie

    I have a relatively new iMac and recently purchased this product. It never worked. I went through extensive reformatting exercises requested by LaCie's tech support. It took about a month. I purchased the product through the Apple Web Store. After a month Apple would not deal with the product and required that I go back to LaCie. LaCie was okay with replacement but gave me two options: (1) send the product back and they try to fix it and return it, or (2) purchase for $15 an "advanced return" where they send a new one to me and I return the old one in the box. I chose the latter because I NEED the hard drive now! However I am neither happy with Apple nor LaCie about this whole thing including having to pay an extra $15 for a product that Apple advertises but apparently is defective.

    This is the second time in 6 months that I've purchased what appears to be defective peripherals off of the Apple web site. The first seem to solve itself when I moved from Lion to Mountain Lion. That can't be the engineering of the peripheral, it has to be Apple's inability to insure plug and play, and therefore it is a problem of the iMac. I'll have to wait to see whether the "new" LaCie drive works. If not I'll be purchasing a new computer, and it won't be an Apple product.

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