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    Fast but overheats

    • Written by from Phoenix

    The drive is a lot larger and bulkier than you would think, most of that being the more or less useless and easy to lose rubber sleeve.

    The plus: The drive is FAST. Really really fast.

    The minus: Can't transfer large amounts of data. Any copy operation over 4GB or so results in the transfer failing once the drive overheats. It gets very hot during this, and then stops transferring data. You have to wait for the copy to timeout, unplug the drive, and plug it back in again. Then you have to try again, this time in smaller amounts.

    I contacted LaCie customer support and they replaced the drive for me. The replacement does exactly the same thing. At this point, I'm going to chalk it up to a fundamental flaw.

    The drive works great, as long as you're not moving too much data around at a time. I was hoping to use it for bulk transfers and it is not suitable for that.

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