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    Finally an awesome Kate Spade case!!!

    • Written by from Auburndale

    Kate Spade has really come leaps & bounds with her new line of cases. Instead of having completely hard shell cases that would fall apart, she has made hybrid cases of silicone & hard shell that are more functional. They do not disassemble when you drop them. Thank goodness. Kate Spade will be back in the case game with her new case vision! & they are super cute and trendy!

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    Cutest iPhone case ever!

    • Written by from Chelsea

    I adore this Kate Spade iPhone case! The colors are so fun and it looks great against the white phone. It fits perfectly and seems to protect my phone better than the last case that I had. I am hoping that the plastic won't chip if I drop it. I only just bought it today and I can't stop looking at it! So far, so good!

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    New and Improved

    • Written by from Chandler

    I love this new case! These are way better than original hard shell cases she came out with, and they are even more durable. I also love the bright colors! Way to go Kate for the improvement. I might just have to buy another one!

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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    this is by far the best case that I've ever had! not only is it super cute but it's way more functional than the last line of KS cases. I love the idea of the silicone bumper, I noticed from the past 2 piece hardshell that it scratches the sides of my phone a little bit but this case fixed that. I had this on my new white iphone4s so far no scratches and it looks wonderful! way to go Kate Spade! you deserve more than 5 stars!

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    Like the Colors

    • Written by from Morristown

    I was looking for something that has bright colors and will pop in a dark space and easy to spot. After searching high and low, I decided on this one. It's fun but mature at the same time, without being too girly or floral like so many other phone cases. I probably won't use the orange bumper by itself, but the whole case instead, for more protection.

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    long overdue!

    • Written by from Santa Fe

    FINALLY a functional Kate Spade iPhone case! Kate Spade cases have always been so stylish, but the silicone cases would stretch out and the hard cases would fall apart as soon as the phone was dropped. I was excited to see this long overdue change and was not at all disappointed when I received my new case. I highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a fun, colorful way to protect your iPhone.

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    Love it!!

    • Written by from Burnaby

    Super cute and feels good in my hands. This will be my case for a very long time.

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    Huge improvement!

    • Written by from Beverly Hills

    This case is amazing! It is stylish AND actually a good case. The design is a huge improvement over the original Kate Spade hardshell cases. There's a bumper as well as a back plate. The case stays on the phone and protects it well. I love this case so much.

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    • Written by from Laguna Hills

    I have now had this case since around July and my phone has not cracked once with the multiple drop and accidental throws. I really love the design and without a screen protector the case has gone above and beyond its job. just the other day, i accidentally threw my phone at a vending machine where it landed on the concrete of my school. all my friends waited in anticipation of how badly it would be cracked, but the phone nor the case were broken. When i tell people that i have had the case since july they say, "really? it looks only about a month or two old." i have my scratches around the edges but i am extremely pleased with the product.

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    Hard working ,tough yet beautiful case.

    • Written by from Raleigh

    I love this case. Although I had a mishap of washing my phone in the washing machine, the case survived the phone did not. This is a quality product and it always makes me smile.

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    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This case is so adorable and the colors are pretty hot ....awesome case for summer
    Will be getting another color soon so I can change cases in the fall .... Way to go Kate spade !!!!

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    can't wait until summer

    • Written by from liverpool

    I bought this at christmas.. l love the orange, pink, white, black stripes. called it my case for the Summer coz of the colours and the summer feel. Its perfect. Deffo made for us girlies - perfect xx

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