• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this case

    • Written by from Scottsbluff

    I love this case...I bought the case because it is cute.
    But, it has performed well, saving my phone from damage multiple times.
    In the most recent drop, I was sure the drop would kill my iPhone screen. Even my daughter was sure the phone was dead. We picked it up and just a nick to the corner of the case.
    The only drawback to the case is that it is not a case you'd remove frequently. However, I've had cases where I thought I'd damage my phone trying to get the case off and this is not one of those cases. I prefer cases where you can slide the end off for docking, but so far, I have only had problems docking on one device.
    It's worth the money, and the small hassle, for a case that protects my phone.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks fabulous on the black iPhone!

    • Written by from Madison Heights

    I loved the original version of this case, but I couldn't purchase it because the bottom of the case didn't work with my Magellan car kit. This updated version is open on the bottom so it works with my car kit, and it has a softer material that wraps around your iPhone and then the plastic piece snaps on around it. Fits snug, but easy enough to get off. I hate cases you have to fight to get off! The color combo looks stunning on the black iPhone. The black frame really looks classy against the screen. Be forewarned that you may experience issues with screen protectors if you don't have it aligned pretty close to perfect on your iPhone. I have one end of the screen protector at the top that's just slightly off and have seen a slight bubble with the case on, but I seem to have resolved it by pressing the corner in firmly. Looks great!

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