• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love The Phones - Hate the Cord & Case

    • Written by from Milwaukee

    The headphones are exactly what I wanted - beautiful, lightweight, foldable, comfortable, well made, quality materials, and the sound is great. The bass is pretty heavy, but I changed my music settings on my iPhone to "Vocal Booster" and that helped. I had another pair of Bowers and Wilkins before and regretted selling them. B&W are really well designed and engineered. But the cord on the P3 is like a cord on a kid's toy. Doesn't match the thinking of the headphones. They put zero thought into the cord. Thin, tangly, and crinkly. Take a clue from Apple's lightning cable - twice the thickness as the B&W cord and very soft. The case is a loser too. It's solid plastic, but it's so bulky it's hard to hold, doesn't sit flat on a surface, not too easy to open, and too bulky to put in a glove compartment or slip in a briefcase. Just carrying the case from my car to the front door - also holding papers, a drink, a dog leash - the case was a slippery, weird problem. I'm going online to find a better solution for the case.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    great sound, dubious comfort

    • Written by from san carlos

    these are wonderful sounding cans. they have an amazing amount of bass for an open-ear design. their mid and upper frequencies are crisp and clear. their imaging is superb.


    they're uncomfortable - inflicting burning ear syndrome after only an hour or less of listening. they don't stay in place if you move your head up or down. they're way too easy to knock off the ears, for example by carelessly brushing hair out of your eyes.