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    Emphasize midbass...bloated down low...nothing up top

    • Written by from Sugar Land

    Yesterday, i bought B&W P3 for $200. From all the reviews, they are great. I picked this over Bose OE2i simply because it is B&W!! Beautiful design, beautiful construction. Problem? When i put it on, it sounds like a bad base car audio out of a Civic vs. my Koss Portapro KTC!! Yeah, it may need "burn-in"...but the sound signature is not good! Midbass is bloated. Midrange is kinda strange...yeah, kinda bloated...but somehow a female voice doesn't sound good...almost like nasal congestion like. The top end is just rolled off severely!! The sound is "muffled". Compared to my P3, the Koss has amazing range...you hear the whole frequency range of the song. In addition, with P3, you can feel the cloth material on the earpads rubbing your ears.

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