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    Awesome Organizer

    • Written by from Fayetteville

    I love this organizer! My husband quickly decided he needed one as well! No more cords everywhere and all tangled up in my bag! They are nicely organized and no longer have to worry about digging through a zippered pouch for the right one, and it seems more slim line than throwing them all in a zippered compartment in my bag. Highly recommend! I would give it 5 stars, but some of my elastic bands are losing elasticity and looking a little frazzled and I don't consider myself a rough and tumble user....I would also be a little happier if the bands were just a little different. Sometimes I have trouble accessing certain items, or finding the right band for others. So, while it's not "perfect" it's still worth the money for the function and all that it provides.

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    Good for extra cables and accessories

    • Written by from OGDEN

    This is not a case, it is an organizer with many horizontal and vertical straps to put any accessories and cables that you have. I put my MacBook Pro's charging cable and brick on this to keep it from rattling around as well as a few other cables. Like a previous reviewer mentioned about contorting, it does feel like it is not sturdy enough for that, but after a month so far I have had minimal contorting. Would recommend to anyone with a less than organized backpack.

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    Great but backboard?

    • Written by from Campbell

    This is a great product from cocoon. I'm a student, and it has been great for me. But now here's the problem. It has elastic bands that go straight horizontal and vertical. It's a thin, flat piece of. What ever it is. And it doesn't seem to be too strong. If you let it sit with a bunch of stuff in it for a long time, it starts to contort. Mine at the moment is still relatively flat, but it has turned into a parabola. But despite the strength issue, the organization this provides is phenomenal. Especially if you have a few pens and pencils, then a flash drive or 2, and your iphone (or itouch, which ever you have. If you have an android, just don't even read this.) (That was a joke android fans) plus its charger.

    In other words, great product, but over time, and fyi, it starts to contort. Great for $25 though.

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    • Written by from Quebec

    Helps alot to gain space in my backpack (im a student) but it looks not really durable... we'll see if the elastic are as tight as they are now in one year ! Dont expect to much from a 25 $ item but it does the job its suposed to do so i would definetly recommand this to someone who wants to maximize space, especially in a messenger bag !

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