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    Excellent Sound & Design

    • Written by from SURREY

    I did a bit of researching on getting a new pair of headphones, I narrowed it down to theMonster Inspiration, Harman Kardon NC and Sennheiser Momentum. Yes the Momentum has better sound quality but its more expensive and I found the design bulky and uninspiring plus it didn't have noise cancelling. I used to hate Monster for designing the Beats line of products but ever since they split Monster has done a wonderful job of designing these cans. I don't know what the guy who gave these headphones one star, he should definitely have his hearing checked. I love all the included "goodies" included with the headphones. Good job Monster!

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    Its Awesome

    • Written by from Monterey Park

    I think these headphones were great!!! they have a lot of space, they look pretty cool, and they have a lot of bass!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Written by from Portland

    I've reviewed a couple of headphones, from Monster Beats, AKGS, Bose, and to Sennheisers. I have quite an experience with bad headphones (like Beats), but this headphone takes "bad" to the next level.

    The sound quality is so horrible that the moment I listened to the headphones I returned it. There was no need to "break" the headphones to get the drivers running. The highs, mids, and even lows were absolutely horrible. You could get better sound quality from Beats, and that's saying something. And at the price range, why not? I'd recommend Beats over Monsters (ironic, because Monster USED to make Beats headphones).

    Comfortability wise, the rectangular cups did not fit well with my head. And the weight was rather uncomfortable. The cups were heavy as well because it's not as compact as other headphones. It was quiet uncomfortable.

    Aesthetically, this headphone is NOT WHITE. The whole product is actually pearly-peach. A taint of yellow makes this headphone absolutely ugly, and it is not white as it is advertised.

    Lastly, built quality. Because of its weight, one would assume that it was well built and sturdy. However, the materials are all plastic. Even the "metallic" looking ear cups are plastic, and they feel like they will snap and crack at anytime (the main body of the headphone (specifically the band and the "metallic" part of the ear cups are literally built from two pieces of plastic slapped together and glued, so the lines of the two pieces are clearly visible and look like they will separate from just usage).

    In the end, do not purchase these headphones. They look like plastic, and you're better off purchasing Beats (especially after Monster stopped working with them. The sound quality went up).

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