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    Excellent quality and looks the business.

    • Written by from Georgetown

    Highly recommend this stand for MBP and MBA users. Very light, solid construction and it looks great.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Add-On Accessory

    • Written by from Simi Valley

    The Just Mobile Mtable Stand for the MAC is a great add on for those that need a little more space on their desk top. It is made extremely well and looks like an accessory that Apple made. The aluminum stand seems to be made from the same type of metal that Apple uses for their computer's. Also, I just received the Just Mobile mouse pad and this is the best pad that I have ever owned. Although a little bit expensive for a mouse pad but another product from Just Mobile that is built well. The mouse has a large working area along with being built from a slab of aluminum with a white plastic scanning area. Check out the line of products from Just Mobile. I don't work for the company. I discovered their product line in this months MACWorld magazine. You can purchase the Mtable at the Apple Store. As for the mouse pad you need to go to the Just Mobile web site. Great products

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