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    These Speakers offer a horn of plenty

    • Written by from Edmonton

    The Edifier Spinnaker E30 Bluetooth Sound System is certainly one incredible piece of industrial design. Some might consider it Art. Either way they would certainly be a great conversation piece for anyone who wonders what they are.

    Designed an audiophile and and for someone who wants to have their gadgets make a statement If you are simply looking for cheap speakers, at $349, these are not it.

    Not only do they look good they sound great; and the Bluetooth connectivity makes it a cinch to switch from earbuds to streaming audio from your iPod and optical audio in option allows you to enhance the sound experience from your gaming console. The ability to add a subwoofer gives you that much more capacity.

    The funky remote takes a little getting used to – I’m still trying to do it all with one hand, but once you master it you’ll be fine.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good speakers

    • Written by from Aurora

    These speakers are excellent. Why? They are 3-way speakers, meaning that they have a tweeter, a mid-range driver, and a 'sub'-woofer in the bottom (although I would call this a woofer personally, preferring to use an external sub) with each one having it's own amplification and range of sound to reproduce.

    They are very 'warm', with rich bass tones in the 100 - 150 Hz range (think very round floor toms and electric bass guitar right up through the upper toms and acoustic bass), and very good reproduction through the mid-range (think cello, acoustic guitar, deep vocals,etc). At close proximity (i.e. on either side of my 27" iMac with me in the chair typing), they produce a wonderful sound stage for the higher ranges which you can appreciate simply by covering the area of the speaker that projects upwards towards your ear (the top angle of the spinnaker). I recommend putting the EQ to "Flat" at first and going from there (you may find you don't need to do anything as most EQ's are compensating for poor sound reproduction or limitations by the speaker). This lack of EQ flattening may explain why some reviewers say the speakers are 'muddy'.

    The blend of sound throughout the range is a delight to listen to at any volume for any length of time EXCEPT very low spoken word, where there a gaps in the dialogue. In that case, there is a 'popping' noise as the speakers seem to turn on and off (I'm guessing that that the woofer is firing on and off). To fix simply turn the volume up a bit until it goes away. This is the ONLY hesitation I have in recommending these speakers (which is why they aren't a "5" star).

    I've used them for movies beside the big screen (nice) but mostly next to the computer for music all day while I work from home. Occasionally have used the BT with my iPhone, but have no real feedback there.

    NOTE: I strongly recommend an external subwoofer for the < 100 Hz frequencies (which allow them to be used for heavy electronic bass and properly mic'd and EQ'd bass drums in certain rock bands, especially at high volume). I use an older Paradigm PDR-10 which performs well.

    All-in-all I am VERY glad I purchased these speakers and would recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality speaker at an affordable price.

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