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    Wonderful Quality

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    I've finally found headphones that fit (and actually stay in) my ears! A lot of headphones that I've used in the past become uncomfortable after wearing them for only a few minutes, but that definitely doesn't happen with these. One of the things that I like most about this product is the fabric cast around the cord/wire; I'm not always completely careful with my headphones and so they usually break quite quickly, but the protective coat around the wire prevents the headphone from breaking or stretching.
    This is the first pair of in-ear noise insulating headphones that I've ever used and I wasn't entirely convinced that the in-ear headphones would be as effective as the larger sound cancelling headphones, but these definitely are. They also are very convenient to use out in public because even if you are playing loud-ish music, not much of the noise escapes and you won't bother anyone around you!

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    Most awesome earphones I have owned!

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    I am an individual who struggles with comfort in earphones, and I enjoy listening to meditation tapes as I fall asleep. I had a chance to review these for Amazon when they first came out, and these are now the only ones I will use!

    I have slept in them as long as six hours (on my side) with total comfort.

    But how do they sound? Like sitting in a perfect seat at an orchestra! These are so sensitive, I can tell the difference between cheap CDs I imported into iTunes on my laptop, and high quality files.

    I particularly enjoy the shape of the control on the cord, the indent makes it easy and intuitive to use, you always can tell which button you are using, whether simply adjusting the sound, or answering the phone.

    I have had no problems with the other party hearing me clearly when I use them.

    Best of all, the wonderful cord never tangles.

    I don't normally "gush" over products, but these are worth talking about.

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