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    Regarding the noisy cords...

    • Written by from New York

    I also found the "rustling" cords very annoying. I think I got around this problem by switching the rubber tips (i.e., the parts that stick in your ear) to smaller ones. They're less tight in my ear and this seems to reduce the noise. Note that the earphones come with a set of ~12 rubber tips and they're not all the same size.

    Having gotten around this problem, the sound is really good and deep, and the sound insulation is quite good.

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    • Written by from Tobyhanna

    I received as present. Love them. Do not agree they are not good for working out. Work out every other day- weights and elliptical without any problems. Do not get feedback touching cable. My guess is the one with the problem is a one off and not typical.

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    Decent value and sound- cord to noisy for working out.

    • Written by from Seattle

    I found those headphones to have good sound quality for the price with great mid tones and decent treble and bass (not overpowering).
    The build quality is nice too.
    However, the fabric covered tangle resistant cord that comes with these transfers friction/impact sound to your ears very efficiently. If you tap on the cord with your finger tip it sounds like a bass drum. If your slide your finger along the cord it sounds like a snare drum. If you run with the cord moving about your apparel it will generate muted bass and snare drum sounds constantly. They have no clip to secure the cord that might help in this regard, but not enough I think.
    I have observed cord generated sound in other headphones, but never as severe as with these ones. I need to take them back as they just won't do for me using them to workout. Others using them for more static listening might totally appreciate them.

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