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    ever so slightly unstable in my use and experience

    • Written by from Santa Cruz

    I had to return mine. Let me qualify this by adding I own and love my two LaCie Big 2 Thunderbolt RAID devices. What I wanted to do was augment this storage with externally connected SSDs via this adapter.

    I had many little, quirky issues with this device. It may be the use of SSDs in small e-SATA enclosures, but whatever it was, I experienced multiple program crashes, multiple hangs and overall it just felt marginal.

    IF I had a substantial amount of money tied up in SATA devices or storage I would likely work longer and harder to stabilize the use of this device.

    My biggest desire was to use my NEXTODI external CF card reader, which has USB and eSATA connections. It is great to clean off CF cards in the field shooting. This device is standard issue for press photographers. I liked the notion of draining it using eSATA. Unfortunately, this card reader/SSD did not play well with the eSATA adapter. It hung, it hung the bus and it needed the eSATA connection jiggled too often. There are a finite number of connection/disconnections of the eSATA connector before it is out of spec, as I found out. You can find the spec online, it is an eye opener.

    eSATA is borderline for use externally if only because of the poor physical layer connection. I don't blame LaCie or Apple, I blame whomever designed eSATA.

    So, not a good fit for me. Perhaps if things are more or less permanently jacked into this device and left on it would behave better. For frequent disconnecting it doesn't work reliably.

    This is all simply my experience.

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    eSASTA Mounting Problems

    • Written by from Ascot

    Wanted to connect eSATA drives to MacBook Pro using Hub.
    Could not get eSATA drives to mount using hub. Tried several eSATA cables - all long, about 6 feet but no joy - Then tried a short eSATA cable and it worked !

    Went over the whole process a few times - only short cable would work for me

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    Makes my Apple Display flicker I have to pull cable

    • Written by from Kirkland

    Other than you will not be able to put up with the continuously but random flicker from the Apply monitor it works great.

    What I mean but flicker is like if you are pulling the thunderbolt cable on and off very quickly. The LaCie hub has two G-Tech 1TB drives cabled via eStata cables.

    The LaCie Hub is plugged into a brand new mac mini:
    2.6GHz Intel Core i7; 16 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3; 256 GB SSD

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