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    Good but not great

    • Written by from CUPERTINO

    I'm a long time user of the Quiet Comfort (first gen) over the ear head phones and then "upgraded" to these last year. I paid the extra and got the mic line so I can use this with my iPhone 4S to make calls and listen to music. Music is fine, no better that the older Quiet Comfort. I'm never that confident the mic is working well (feedback from callers) so I have to lift it up to my mouth to carry on a conversation. A bit annoying because the whole idea is about having my hand free. When the battery dies you have to wait a few hours to change them before you can use them. For the price Bose asks I have to say I'm going to look elsewhere for my next headset. The market is too competitive and Bose's premium is no longer cutting it for me.

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