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    Purchased new, it didn't work. B and O claim that it was my broadband. Changed broadband provider from Sky to BT, at significant cost, it still didn't work. Sometimes the air play would connect, but it only lasted a few minutes even though the router was in the same room. B and o then said it was that we needed a software upgrade. We had an engineer out, and had to go to store. With 2 software updates b and o claim now that its because BT isn't compatible, and that we need to buy a new router! They say that it is a common fault with BT. Paid nearly a thousand pounds for this, and now have to pay more for a router as bang and olufsen say that it's not the product, it's that sky and bt offer poor routers! The A8 has never been played. Waste of money, I will never buy bang and olufsen again. I would never recommend them nor the a8. Steer clear!!

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