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    Be careful buying this product

    • Written by from Eindhoven

    Be very careful if buying this product. I purchased a 4TB 2big unit at Christmas - have only just been able to start using it because of problems.

    After installing unit discovered it made a random loud 'chirping/clicking' noise, not the sort of sound you like to hear from very expensive premium external HDD unit!

    Contacted LaCie, I ended up having two replacements, all units exhibited same sound. Finally I found out the Seagate drives used required a firmware update (which had been officially released by Seagate many months before). To do the update (which I did myself in the end) I had to wipe the drives to remove RAID, take them out of unit, attach them directly to a Windows machine and update firmware.

    During this whole process I had occasion to look at real specifications of the units via Mac system information. The AHCI controllers are from vendor 'Unknown' with Negotiated Link Speed of 3 Gigabit which is half what SATA revision 3 and the HDDs are capable of. Also the version of AHCI is only 1.19 when the current version (released in October 2010) is 1.30.

    The unit is working now, but I have not been impressed by the experience and I am annoyed about the use of lower specced controller. After all it is supposed to be a premium product.

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