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    Be careful buying this product

    • Written by from Eindhoven

    Be very careful if buying this product. I purchased a 4TB 2big unit at Christmas - have only just been able to start using it because of problems.

    After installing unit discovered it made a random loud 'chirping/clicking' noise, not the sort of sound you like to hear from very expensive premium external HDD unit!

    Contacted LaCie, I ended up having two replacements, all units exhibited same sound. Finally I found out the Seagate drives used required a firmware update (which had been officially released by Seagate many months before). To do the update (which I did myself in the end) I had to wipe the drives to remove RAID, take them out of unit, attach them directly to a Windows machine and update firmware.

    During this whole process I had occasion to look at real specifications of the units via Mac system information. The AHCI controllers are from vendor 'Unknown' with Negotiated Link Speed of 3 Gigabit which is half what SATA revision 3 and the HDDs are capable of. Also the version of AHCI is only 1.19 when the current version (released in October 2010) is 1.30.

    The unit is working now, but I have not been impressed by the experience and I am annoyed about the use of lower specced controller. After all it is supposed to be a premium product.

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    Good Drive

    • Written by

    I'm shooting a documentary at the moment and a lot of it uses archival footage. I've been using this drive to edit video and to backup this project (that's many hours of video in total). I switched it to Raid1, which was rather straightforward. The speeds are excellent. The drive is also good for running high resolution video renders. It's also nice that Thunderbolt cable is included with the package.

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    Satisfied So Far

    • Written by from Vista

    I have set up my LaCie as RAID 1 4TB mirrored storage. It was a snap to set up using the Apple disc utility and it hasn't missed a lick yet. I use it for my iTunes library and I am very satisfied with the product.

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    Great drive poor connection

    • Written by from Kaslo

    After purchasing this drive I discovered that it will NOT start if you are using a thunderbolt-firewire 800 adapter.

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    Excellent External Drive

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    This unit is quite heavy, as you'd expect from a metal-cased drive with two HDDs inside, but that's actually a good thing. It sits nicely on the desk and seems to be pretty solidly built. I've got two cats, so that's an important point for me. The speeds and functionality are amazing. I also love the design of this drive. I'm really pleased with it.

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