• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Close, but not quite

    • Written by from Vancouver

    I have waited years for an illuminated keyboard with Mac keys, and the Luna does not disappoint. I like the keyboard very much, and I can now work with dim lighting ion my office as I prefer.

    It's not perfect, however. There is one design "feature" that is causing me problems. That is the illuminated "luna" in the bottom left corner of the space bar. The problem is that when I want to press the Command key I am used to looking for the first symbol to the left of what is normally a blank space bar. I am using my peripheral vision, so I am not seeing details, I am just seeing the symbols on the keyboard. Because the space bar has "luna" on it, I see that as the first symbol and end up pressing the space bar instead of the Command key. Or I end up pressing Command instead of Option when I'm looking for the second symbol to the left of the space bar. I'm going to have to figure out how to cover over the illuminated "luna" without making the keyboard look ugly in daylight.

    There are a few other problems. The keys in the bottom row don't line up the same as they do on the Apple keyboard so I sometimes hit the wrong key because I'm not used to the spacing. The Fn key is inexplicably stuck between the Option and Control keys on the right side. The volume keys worked for a while, but now don't do anything.

    The clear plastic around the edges of the keyboards can be damaged, so it should be treated carefully. My first keyboard arrived with a chunk of the clear plastic broken off and rattling around in the box. Apple replaced the keyboard right away, but it made me a bit concerned about the ability of the keyboard to withstand any accidental bumps.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    If you want to get it...get it!

    • Written by from Whitby

    i just purchased this keyboard and so far so good. The keys are a little lighter than typing on a macbook pro keyboard so it takes getting use too, nonetheless, having a backlit keyboard is great! You can't lose with that! It makes typing in low lighting much easier. The design is very sleek and contemporary and very light weight. Also, having the keyboard on a slant is easy on the wrists.

    And for those that are having trouble with using the MAC quick keys for LION OS: the mission control key works fine on its own; but to use the dashboard icon you have to hit function before pressing the key. I

    All in all I think it was worth getting this keyboard because it is compatible with both windows and mac for those boot campers out there. No weird performance issues to report.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Keyboard But!

    • Written by from Orlando

    Well, I went ahead and bought the Moshi Luna Keyboard, and here are some of my observations. I noticed that the Moshi Luna Illuminated keyboard can't perform a Pram reset by holding the p,r,option, command keys on restart in lion. Other than that one issue the keyboard is simply a joy to use! The key's have a better more solid tactical feedback than the standard Apple keyboard. A much better height angle at 9 degrees feels very comfortable, and totally brilliant white backlighting. The construction is really first rate. even though it is plastic, it is a very high grade thick plastic. The keyboard is actually quite a bit heavier than the Apple keyboard. I'm very pleased so far. Guess I'll have use my Apple keyboard to perform a Pram reset. No biggie really. The benefits far out weigh that. If you can live with the Pram thing, I would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a solid illuminated keyboard. Oh, and every function key works perfectly!

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