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    Nice but issues

    • Written by from Fort Smith

    Just fired up my nice new Moshi keyboard.
    I tried it on my Windows 7 PC but it would not work - would not even boot up.
    It came with no info or instructions so I figured it was up to me.
    I tried it on my MacBook Pro.
    Plugged it in and nothing - messed with it for a while and checked The Google - still nothing.
    At my wits end I pressed the Luna key and behold, it gave commands. After a few steps it was finally recognized and working.
    But not the mousepad - I had to connect an external mouse for that - which I usually do anyway so no big deal. Just odd.
    I like my old Mac keyboard a bit better - slightly more refined key action. But this Luna is still nice.
    It is frustrating that keystrokes for cut and paste do not work though - have to use the right mouse button for that. Or is there a fix for that too?
    I am a writer and I love the backlit keys on my MacBook. It allows me to work at night and on the plane on long trips. I just ordered a MacBook Air because of that - I would have tried the new Microsoft Surface but they do not offer backlit keys. Mac is always a step higher in design quality it seems.
    But why don't they make an Apple backlit ext. keyboard? Bizzare.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks great, keys feel a bit flimsy, dashboard softkey does not work

    • Written by from Amesbury

    I'd been looking for a solid lighted actual-Mac keyboard for ages now, and at around a hundred bucks I figured the Luna was worth taking a gamble on. As others have said, it looks fantastic. The lighting is perfect adn the design is great.

    Two things - one is that on Mountain Lion the dashboard softkey does not work at all, and there appears to be no real troubleshooting that I can do for it.

    Secondly - the keys feel a tad on the cheap side. I was hoping that they'd be macbook-quality in terms of build and feel, but they feel much thinner. It's not a big problem for me but if you are rough on your keyboards I think this might break pretty easy on you.

    For the price it's worth it, just be aware of the shortcomings.

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