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    No Longer Charges with and USB Port

    • Written by from RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA

    This was a bad product in the first place, after like 28 recharges the mophie now no longer charges in the apple AC USB Cube or my laptop or PC's USB port. Only had it for like a 20 days! Get a juice pack powerstation and don't ever waste your $34.99!

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    Mophie customer support's comments about their product

    • Written by from Wyoming

    "The reserve contains a 700 mha battery, which is a little less then half that of the iPhone 4S. Due to loss of charge during the transfer process, and the active use of the phone, you can expect to get 30-40% on average from the reserve. Charging once the phone has depleted its own internal battery will result in less charge being delivered, and for best results you should begin charging at the first low battery warning the phone gives."

    P.S. I have experienced 20% to 30% increase in the iphone's charge using this product.

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    juice packs could be better.....

    • Written by from Columbus

    This will be our (4th) mophie juice pack, originally we purchased (2) for our old i phone 3g's they worked well until the connector wire loosened up and half the time it wouldn't charge, so we took them off our phones.then we upgraded phones to the i phone4, I ordered (2) new ones from mophie, one black and one red, so far they have not made it one full year, same problem, small connector wears out and will not charge phone, ours are still under warranty, but it looks like a hassle to get warranty service, we are not rough on any of our equipment, these things are just made poorly, they work good if the wire stays in contact.

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