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    Worst Printer Ever

    • Written by from Luxembourg

    I have my WorkForce Pro since about 5 months and I must say it is the worst printer I ever bought. I'm a graphic design professional and I can judge more or less what to expect from a printer like this one - and i planned it to use it for fax reception and printing letters or invoices. It replaced a similar model from HP. This product is by far inferior to the HP.

    The hardware seems ok, except that the output tray is really fragile and badly designed - it also looks quite bad when it's pulled out. (you have to have it pulled out, otherwise the sheets are flying through the room). If you want to put the tray back in, it won't go back easily and you need to fiddle around to get it back inside. The display is of bad quality, the design of the interface looks like it's been made in the mid 90ies.

    Epson clearly doesn't keep its promise. The print quality, specially for black text is far below a Laserprinter, even in "quality" mode the text just isn't sharp. Epson also promises the prints are immediately dry, which just isn't true. I print invoices on the machine and fold them after printing, the ink just smears even if i try to fold them very carefully, and i don't have wet hands.

    The worst part of the machine is the software. Most of the functions just won't work on a Mac. There's not one central App that lets you manage all of the functions but there are plenty of little apps making it very confusing and time intensive to get the thing working. Some features as Fax reception to the Mac, or sending Faxes from the Mac just won't work. I tried using the machine over WiFi and it's not stable at all, after a software update from Epson the WiFi connection is just going to work for a few minutes after a restart, then it's lost again.

    Another bad point are the initialising cartridges, filled with "air" instead of ink.

    Finally it's really hard to reach the Epson support, and it's really unhelpful and very badly organised. After replacing the yellow cartridge, there's no more yellow ink coming out of the printhead. I've spend hours trying to contact Epson on this, with the only result that they recommend me getting back in contact with the store where i bought it.

    I've lost days to get the thing working, now after a few months it's already broken.

    Actually the whole package is just so bad I'm going to leave it at my local recycling center and get some product that works. I'll try to sell the replacement cartrides I still have in stock on ebay.

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    Not for Macs

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    The complaint is not with the device itself. It is well built, and looks like it will last. Prints quickly and copies are sharp and clear.
    Into my third hour of trying to get this remarkable printer to function as a scanner with a Mac. Epson's scan program was never upgraded for Mountain Lion and it crashes constantly. The alternative is to use Image Capture which as we all know is very feature limited. I will probably have to spend another $20 to $50 to get a third party scan program so that this relatively high end device will scan as well as the $90 Canon it replaced. Shame on Apple for selling this as a Mac compatible device. Incredible!

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    • Written by from Owings

    Yellow Ink, all over the place. A widely reported failure. We called them. It was out of warranty. Evidently that failure is only covered for up to 1 year. Seems very widespread. A shame indeed, because up till then it rocked.

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    • Written by from EVERGREEN

    It works great until you have to replace cartridges, then the Yellow ink spills on every page. If you don't believe me , google yellow ink problem and you will see. EPSON will not do anything about it even though it's a known problem, You have been warned.

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    Yellow ink spilling.....now it is junk

    • Written by from Brooklyn Park

    It worked OK for about a year, but then ink started spilling, and there is no repair procedure. I guess it could be a boat anchor......but it would hold the boat about as well as it prints!
    Just junk!

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    Terrific Printer ... UNTIL IT ISN'T

    • Written by from Palm Springs

    I'd just like to add my voice to the list of those having yellow ink problems with this printer. It worked great for 11 months then started dropping yellow ink everywhere. Epson replaced it and again all was OK for about 6 months and the problem recurred. Unfortunately I also invested in some large refillable cartridges - so not only am I out the cost of the printer, I'm out an extra $100 for them.

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    It's not the printer...

    • Written by from Oberlin

    I am returning this printer, which did not work on the Network setting. With a USB connection I was pleased with the quality.

    The scanner is impossible to interface with Mavericks! I finally gave up the troubleshooting.

    I'm waiting to buy a new all-in-one until the software compatibility problems are worked out and there is a better interface with the Mac OS X.

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