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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    It works great with one hand. Orientation could be better. I couldn't find much places to lock it on to at a cafe which makes it pretty useless.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Fits perfectly, discreet enough.

    • Written by from Halifax

    Small and compact. The coiled cable is a major advantage. Fits perfectly on a Macbook Pro 15in without obstructing the CD/DVD. Indeed, the lock can be installed or removed with one hand.
    On the flip side, the major flaw is the orientation of the lock: the combination faces forward instead of being displayed on the top of the lock. In other words, this lock is difficult to remove if the laptop is sitting on a surface because the combination is not on the same place as the keyboard but perpendicular to it and difficult to see. The easiest way to remove the lock requires to close the laptop and lift it up on its dorsal spine. The combination numbers are not easy to roll if one does not have one finger on either side of the lock. This again makes it difficult to remove the lock if the laptop is on flat surface.
    The coiled cable is definitely worth it! This lock permits a one hand use keeping in mind that the other hand is holding the laptop up in the air!

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