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    Hi-Fi With Style

    • Written by from Carlisle

    I was skeptical about buying a bluetooth-based speaker system for my iPhone because I was worried that there might be some decomposition of the audio quality due to the wireless connection. My worries were evaporated when I fired up my new Big Jambox. For those of you pecking at the dirt for a wireless speaker, you've just discovered one of the best seeds around.

    Indoors, the Big Jambox preforms like nothing else; it puts the Bose wireless speaker to shame, and makes any AirPlay system look foolish. The bass tones are rich, full, clear and powerful but in perfect sync with the mids and highs, of which are also excellent. Any room can become full of crisp audio within seconds, and you can keep your iPhone/iPad/iPod on your person.

    Outdoors, the Big Jambox is more of a Jekyl/Hyde kind of player. With the LiveSound audio processing on, the audio quality is fantastic, especially when placed on a patio table, per sae, in front of a wall or structure. If, however, the LiveAudio processing is disabled, there is a noticeable drop in clarity; the highs seem too muddy and overcome by the lows and sub frequencies.

    The design of the Big Jambox is also a niche feature. For those of you who want something that will either blend in to the woodwork or spark up a conversation, the Jamboxes, in general, provide such choices. They're somewhat avant-garde, crisp, clean, but simple and easy on the eyes. The only problem I have with the Big Jambox is it's size and the lack of a carrying case or pouch. Otherwise, a fantastic product.

    My final verdict; if you are living in a home where space is as valuable as the electrical bill, and/or you want a piece of art that interacts with the real world, the Big Jambox is perfect for you.

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    • Written by

    Jawbone took what worked for the jam box and just made it bigger--and louder. We needed a louder speakerphone capability for my iPhone for conference calls and this was exactly what we were looking for. It sounds and works great for this. Not too mention music, movies, and videos sound great too. The packaging and accessories it comes with are impressive too. Just looks and feels like a high quality product.

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    Small but great!

    • Written by from KIrkland

    This little brick continues to impress! Has all the cool styling and quality that I had been looking for. This little brick pounds out some nice highs and lows. Has so many cool features and is a cinch to use. The quality is there, just wish it was a touch less expensive. (my only gripe)

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    Great portable speaker solution

    • Written by from New York

    An overall great product that lives up to the expectation, works seamlessly and is a pleasure to listen to.

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    The "Wow" Factor

    • Written by from Wynnewood

    When I first saw the Big JAMBOX I thought, this won't have any bass to it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a great depth of sound. It also connected easily via bluetooth with my iPhone 5. I really like crispness and volume it gives to music, the ease of use, and I am going to buy another one. I was also surprised that my iPhone doesn't have to be so close to it for it to receive the music perfectly. All in all, it is a great device if you love to listen to music. It can also blast the music very well without any distortion! Excellent.

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    • Written by from Foster City

    great battery life, incredible sound with deep bass. 3D live audio sounds just like being at a live concert. A huge fan!

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    • Written by from Medellin

    It's perfect. Amazing sound. Very portable. Great battery. Best looking speaker ever made. Buy it now.

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    Magnificent Sound, Bass, Hi-Fi, Clear / No Cracking, Distortion

    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    I've compared these with the Beats Pill - yes, I know, it's not a proper comparison, but I have also listened to the Small Jambox too - and these speakers as just fabulous!

    - crisp and clear sound, even on its maximum volume, no distortion at all!
    - great bass, not too much, just right
    - the Hi-fi, surround-sound, feature is undeniably noticeable, and what a difference!

    - would have liked a carrying case

    It's worth the price, by far, for a portable and Bluetooth speaker system!

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    • Written by from SOUTH WINDSOR

    GREAT speaker with super sound!!!! Works super as a speaker phone, nice added feature. Had two BOSE SoundlinksII (which I returned) because the BLUETOOTH connection would not work ... BOSE did return my money without any issues and understood that the BLUETOOTH is "buggy". I think the BIGJAMBOOK sound is a lot better then the BOSE.

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    Simply the best portable speaker solution on the market. I use the device every day and could not be happier with my purchase. Every bit worth the price.

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    Immersive Sound

    • Written by from BIRMINGHAM

    You feel each note, clearly, crisply, powerfully. Easy to pair multiple devices, one touch calling for those pesky conference calls. Listen all day without plug power needed. Big Jambox is Awesome, what else do you need to hear? Mini Jambox has been decimated by Big Jambox.... Pricey you say? Worth every Russian Ruble , European Euro and Czech Kroner and Digital Bit Coin a dollar can buy.

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    extremely portable and very satisfying sound

    • Written by from Aklavik

    I love the Jambox. It's extremely portable, simple to use and puts out great sound for the size of it. Too me, this product is worth every penny.

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    • Written by from Bethlehem

    Cool design, nice features. Portable yet effective. I'm happy with its sound so far. It does do well in lower range. The Live Audio function is interesting.
    BTW, I feel that I got the best sound effect when I put it on the water tank in bathroom.... It must have something to do with ceramic water tank and water in it, of course with the smaller space too. Just a fun tip for ladies who enjoy long baths....