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    lots of sound

    • Written by from Toronto

    very powerful sound out of a USB speaker. Fits perfectly with the iMac.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Actually Pretty Good for the money.

    • Written by from Irving

    I saw this in the Apple store did some reading, found mostly positive reviews and thought I've give this cool unit a shot. I was pleased with the quality of the sound for basic video editing. The cool design works nice with the Mac's and fits nicely under most monitors, I have a older 30 cinema display, I pushed it way back to the base so I could use the front of the base stand for a card reader.

    A few words on set-up:

    The usb cable mounted to the unit is really short and designed to be plugged into the back of the monitor, when I did this I got this ugly feedback from the speakers. Not a big problem but it did require a trip the local electronics store to pick up a usb extension cable about $5.00. NOTE: The usb cable must be plugged into the computer not a wall socket as I found after a bit work. I found an open usb port in the back of my Mac tower did the trick and keep the cords out of sight.

    Overall a nice unit for my needs and not a bad price at all.

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    Tango Bar Superb

    • Written by from Mankato

    Having trouble with Bluetooth speakers? I did. Bought several versions (portable and stay-at-home). Had nothing but trouble getting them to work smoothly with the MacBook Pro system. Sent them all back. The handsome XtremeMac Tango Bar USB speakers just arrived (much discounted from the retail listed here) and I couldn’t be happier! Smooth integration, sounds fantastic for 10W (really like twice that). Plenty of bass in iTunes and no distortion even using the preamp. VERY LOUD in a large living room if you want and carries well even at low volumes. Used it with Safari (Internet radio), iTunes (playing Brahms cello sonatas), and Garage Band, with excellent fidelity in the latter playing electric guitar, concert piano, and synthesizers of all kinds, input from my external Behringer keyboard. This is the best laptop speaker deal for the money, believe me! Praise to Imation Corporation for this superb piece of needed technology.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing for what it does...industrial design is a winner...note on Windows

    • Written by from Bryn Mawr

    I've had two Tango Bars for a couple of years...very highly recommended!
    I was prompted to finally write today because I repurposed one to a Windows 8 machine (I know how evil that is, but it is a Sony Tap 20, and don't dump on it till you try it...on the other hand, DUMP AWAY ON WINDOWS 8/METRO/DESKTOP and all that stupidity...)
    My only suggestion in using USB speakers in WINDOWS: if you get cutting out at high volumes, use a powered USB hub...usually the cutting out is because high volumes require more power...good to know when you want to get loud!!!

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