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    iHome iD3 premium stereo speakers for iPad, iPhone, and Ipad

    • Written by from North Fork

    We just received the iHome iD3. we bought it for use on our iPod touch and it
    sounds great. We are going to order one more iD3 for our iPad so we have one for

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    Best Sounding iSpeaker I've Heard

    • Written by from Abilene

    Got these two days ago for work, and because the cable solution wouldn't charge my new iPad on my old iPhone speaker dock. Today was the first chance I got to crank them and let me tell you, for the size and weight, this is the most phenomenol speaker dock I've ever owned...heck, even regardless of other's size and weight. Stellar stero separation, so much power can't really go past 3/4 volume, and bass boost is very noticeable...with zero distortion. This review comes from someone who has spent countless $$ on audiophile equipment over the past 35 years (yep, I'm a geezer, but rock out everyday). Make the investment, you won't be disappointed, though you may want to shop around...I'll be ordering a second for the house...

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    Sound is amazing!!

    • Written by from Nazareth

    Small and light with BIG sound!! Love it!!

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    Beautiful, Rich, Full Sound

    • Written by from Essex Junction

    Great speaker system. Works very well with iPad or iPod touch. Sound is crisp and amazing.

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    I don't get the stellar reviews

    • Written by from Dublin

    For the price, I was expecting better. When you have the volume as low as it goes, you can hear an electronic hiss from the unit. I own a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls, if that helps you figure out how much I like fine musical sound. The music coming off the unit, aside from that, is pretty decent and balanced.
    When I place the iPad on the connector (no cover, with adapter), it toggles from side to side, and the iPad shifts when I use my finger or a stylus to control it. Even without touching it, I sometimes have to readjust the iPad a little one way or the other to undo the tilt that happens over relatively brief periods of time. Don't breathe on it, or it will go off kilter, and, frankly, look sloppy. And, the unit itself is quite lightweight, so you have to place it in a place where it won't accidentally get knocked into.
    I would not recommend this to a friend and I would definitely not buy another one. I hope it lasts a while and does not cause damage to the iPad from all that play at the connector interface.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    • Written by from Delmar

    I just received this for my birthday today and I love it! The sound is amazing. I have both the iphone 5 and a newer ipad and this speaker system only comes with the old style hook up for the mac products; however, the it still works great with an adaptor.

    I have not experience the tilting or wobbling that another commented says he experienced which seems like it would be more likely to occur given my situation of having to use an adaptor. I'm not sure why this would have been an issue unless theirs had a defect.

    Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product, the sound is great even at high volumes and I like that you can change the bass and treble to your own liking. I will definitely (and already have) recommend this product.

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