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    Excellent, stylish sleeve

    • Written by from El dorado hills

    This is the most stylish sleeve I have seen. I love the Michael Kors logo design. And besides looking great, it holds my MacBook perfectly and is very well-made. I highly recommend this product!

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    • Written by from clermont

    My mother in law gave me the MBA link to choose any bag for the mba my fiancé got me. I am into style and of course the michael kors stood out the most to me. I researched a little and i did not want to carry such ugly bag for such beautiful laptop. Chose this one.......and it has not let me down!!!! it was my xmas gift and i absolutely love it. the leather is beautiful and of very high quality and the inside is gold and beautiful. it has no pockets so if you want to carry your charger, you kinda have to stick it in there because the bag is so thin. but since its great leather, it stretches. I eventually was able to fit my macbook air, my mba charger, and my iPad!!!! :) its great, i love it!!! very classy also.

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    Fashion at its finest..

    • Written by from Quezon City

    Just got the Cream version of this one at Apple Arden Fair and I'm loving it.. So sleek.. So stylish.. A must-have for someone like me who's into gadgets and fashion. The metallic gold lining inside with cushion is just perfect for protecting my MBA. This disguises what's inside as well since it really doesn't look like a laptop bag. I can just carry it by itself flaunting it to everyone and I bet if someone would try to steal it, it's because the Golden Michael Kors logo plate caught his/her attention and not because he/she knows what's inside. Haha

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Purchased for Macbook Pro 2010

    • Written by from Marietta

    I'm a guy who can appreciate fashion. I thought this bag world be stylish as a computer bag and different. It fits the macbook, but there's absolutely no room for anything else. I would recommend if your an MK fan. There's no straps and not that much padding for a fall but I would recommend.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Stylish and Practical.

    • Written by from Springfield

    I bought this MK Monogram Slim Sleeve for my MacBook Air 13". I bought it to go inside of the Jet Set Travel Tote for MacBook Pro 15". The reason I got this is because I did not want my laptop moving around in the Tote since it is made for a bigger sized laptop. I also wanted something stylish that I could carry around on the days when I don't have my tote. I bought the tote in red and had anticipated that it wouldn't go with every outfit. And yes, I absolutely want my laptop bag to match what I'm wearing otherwise I wouldn't have paid that much for a laptop bag. The tote is also sold at the MK store without the zipper compartment in the middle and I would have gotten that one too so being that this bag was made specifically for apple products was a bonus! The only con is that my power-cord won't fit in the Slim Sleeve but it does in the Tote so no worries!

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