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    This is a nice flash drive

    • Written by from Highlands Ranch

    There isn't a whole lot you can say about flash drives. They are fairly basic, been around for years, and will outlast their useful storage capacity. PNY is a good company, and I have never had a problem with their flash drives.

    This drive is nice because it is small in size, and fits easily onto a keychain, the keychain look in a laptop back. I suppose it's biggest pro, could also be it's biggest con, and it might be easy to loose because of it's small size if you are not careful about where you put it.

    It is well constructed and durable with no plastic to break or wear. While the finish does not perfectly match the Apple Products, it still looks very much at home with a MBA or MBP.

    I haven't had it long enough to give a long term review of how it will hold up over long term use, but so far I am happy with the purchase. It does exactly what I need it to do, which is clip on to a keychain where I always have it handy, and be durable enough not to break as some with the plastic keychain clips do.

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    Great little flash drive

    • Written by from Calgary

    There's a fair amount of data I need to carry with me daily in my work. A small yet durable flash drive with reasonable storage was what I had been looking for and the PNY Hook drive looked good. After roughly three months of daily use it has more than held-up. No problems with storing or retrieving data, music between PC's and Mac.

    I love it's size, all metal housing and clip. I can see where the size might be a con for some people as it's potentially easy to loose though I imagine if it's important enough to you...you'll hang on to it.

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    Awesome Portable Storage Device

    • Written by from Toronto

    This portable storage device is perfect for those who need something small, light, portable and guaranteed to fit into the narrowest spaces available on a computer (desktop or laptop). Sometimes the ports are very close together and most keys available today require that one of the outer keys be removed so that you can get a key in the middle. NOT THIS ONE! THIS ONE FITS INTO THE NARROWEST OF SPACES BETWEEN TWO OTHER DEVICES! It is very reliable and so far indistructable. Mine has been dropped, stepped on, rolled over by a desk chair and it is still working like the day I got it! The hook clip is very reliable. It is still as strong and reliable as it was 6 months ago. I use this key everyday. I move it from key chain to key chain etc almost daily. DEFINITELY A KEY TO PURCHASE! EXCELLENT VALUE!

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    Handy Flash Drive

    • Written by from Terre Haute

    This drive is very handy. It is smaller than many keys. I keep it on my key chain all the time. 8 gig is big enough to hold my important documents. It is also rugged. I recommend it. Oh, the latch is simple and easy to operate. Good design.

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    a great usb drive

    • Written by from Riverview

    one of the best usb drives

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    Great Product

    • Written by from Bell

    I would recommend this product to those of us who are a little rough with their stuff. I'm always on the go and flash-drive goes everywhere with me, attached to my keys i've dropped my keys, thrown my keys and this usb has still kept on ticking. The way I see it, if a product is able to endure the abuses of everyday life and still works for me, it is a product of excellent workmanship and quality.

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    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    We just discovered that this went through both the washer AND the dryer. I plugged it in thinking we had lost it for sure. It took a few seconds for it to recognize the drive, but it did come up, and none of the files were damaged!! I thought for sure we would have to write it off as a loss and pray that everything had been backed up on the computer. My husband carries this on his keychain all the time, and he's never had any issues. And believe me, his keychain can put a custodian's keyring to shame! The only damage we can see is some discoloration of the metal casing from the heat of the dryer. Other than that, it's perfect!