• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound is fantastic, airplay / wifi is terrible.

    • Written by from Malmesbury

    The sound quality is great, truly amazing for such a small and battery powered device.

    It works perfectly well with the 3.5mm jack and USB connections but what I was really excited about was the airplay wireless functionality. It started well but as soon as I moved the unit more than a meter from the router (2TB time capsule) it started cutting out every so often, more than 2 meters wasn't worth trying to listen to. Totally useless. I'm hoping there's a fault with this one, surely this isn't normal! I've updated software to no avail, B&o have been good so far, we'll see if its this unit or just poor electronics & wifi design. My iPhone has great signal all over the house and streams HD video so surely this should be ok!?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product... almost!

    • Written by from NOTTINGHAM

    The Beolit 12 looks fantastic! It is solid, well made, and portable. Like other B&O products, it will not look dated in a couple of years. It is equally happy with an Apple/Android player, as it comes with a handy USB connector instead of a dock . Airplay for wireless playing.

    However, it has two flaws:

    1. It needs a further software update as it takes almost two minutes to connect to your wireless network each time you switch it on - most Airplay devices connect almost instantly. I did not like to leave it on all the time, as I used it in the bedroom and the 'on/standby’ light was very strong. I am sure they will solve this issue in the near future.

    2. As other reviewers have said, the door’s catch at the back is very delicate and breaks easily (e.g., if you accidentally pull the power lead when you want to use it somewhere else, or use the battery). This is a serious design flaw; when the catch breaks, you cannot close the door anymore!

    I was very sad when I had to send it back after the door’s catch broke. I will buy it again if B&O fixes these two problems, as it has the best sound for a speaker of this size.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    great sound, amateur cabinet design

    • Written by from New City

    You store the cord behind a little door on the back. Great. However, the door is held in place by a 7¢, plastic clip that the cord easily catches on when you're folding it back and forth to stuff in the little recess. When this happens, the 7¢ clip breaks.

    The 7¢ piece is not user replaceable, of course. You must take it to a B&O dealer, who then ships it off, and in a few weeks (how many they don't say) it comes back, you return to the dealer to pick it up.

    This is an $800 speaker. I would have gladly paid $805.00, if they had made this clip out of a suitable material, such as spring steel. It's ridiculous to put so much effort into sound design, and so little into practical design.

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