• 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Stockholm

    This is truly an elegant piece of industrial design and of course amazing sound (what else could you expect from B&O).

    It's a BIT tricky to connect the Beolit 12 to the wireless network. I found that B&O FAQ "how do I set up Beolit 12 for use with Airplay" description far more useful than the "Quick guide" you get together with the software APP.

    NOTE: Read and follow the description word by word :-)

    (I have a Iphone 4, Ipad first gen and my MacBook Pro connected to my Beolit 12 and it works fine even though the software is optimized for iphone 5).

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Impressive box but...

    • Written by from Toronto

    I picked up a Beolit 12 at the Apple store but may return it yet -- I’ve not decided. Let's not kid around, it's an impressive sounding little box for its weight and portability. It really sings with jazz and vocal, although that's no surprise for B&O. I played a few "lossless" encoded files via Airplay and I was pleased with the sound.

    Now let's talk abuot the flaws:
    1. This little machine was a pain to set up. I'm pretty tech savvy but this just seemed counter-intuitive to configure. B&O needs to fix this next time because for many people I'd imagine this trouble would result in the Beolit going back in the box and back to the store for a return.

    2. Mild "hiss" that doesn't go away. I'm in a small apartment and when this device is on it has a soft "hiss" that doesn't stop. If it is playing music quietly it remains noticeable. I'm going to try to contact B&O to find out if this is normal behaviour. If yes it's going back.

    3. Slow start-up time. Every time you turn this machine on it takes forever to connect to the network.

    4. No bluetooth or other solution for taking this box to the park, or elsewhere without wifi. I hear people say you can set up a personal hotspot with an iPhone but given how challenging the configuration software is I'm not sure most people would attempt this. I've yet to try.

    I still give it 4 stars because of:
    -airport is stable once configured
    -ability to pull the AC cord on the fly (like with a laptop) and go without interrupting playback.
    -beautiful design

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound, Bad AirPlay

    • Written by from Kraainem

    If you want great sound: Buy It! -And connect via wire!
    If you want portability: Buy something else! AirPlay hardly work at all!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not perfect, but excusable

    • Written by from Portland

    Like everyone else, I find the wi-fi reception poor and the sound incredible. Easier to setup w/ upgrade and IOS app, once you have it set for a network.

    Bass is set for off the floor location (bookcase, table top, etc.). If you put it on the floor or in a corner, you very likely will hear too much bass. And upper end clarity is best if you face it toward you and have it at head (and ear) level. With that placement, the sound is awesome.

    For all those whining about the price, I can only suggest you go find something as good for less - it simply does not exist - I guess B&O must know that and, just like the rest of their incredible products, have priced it accordingly.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing sound, glitchy setup

    • Written by from New Providence

    I see a lot of reviews complaining about the setup so I'll address that first. All airplay devices use the same hardware/software provided by Apple. So yes, it's annoying to setup it up and sometimes it cuts-off but you'll get the exact problems with every airplay device our there. Just check the reviews for them and you'll see.

    Two things that fixed the problem for me: (1) Install the hardware patch using the app or ask your B&O store to do it for you before you take it home. (2) the sound cut-offs that do happen are not the wireless connection, but your iTunes. I had the exact same problem with the AppleTV and solved both by turning off power savings and some heavy background tasks like backups and antivirus scheduled scans. Everytime the sound went bad (not often) I could see something heavy running on my PC that caused it.

    Once the setup is done, the sound (does anything else really matters?), mobility and design are definetely worth the money. The battery is excelent. I lost power during Sandy and I used it for over 8hrs (cable connection) and at the end my ipod was still fully charged.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't Buy it...

    • Written by from Nova Lima

    only if you have something very urgent to do with your money... It is a wonderful piece of electronics... Air Play is a little tricky to setup (use the iOS app) but just WORKS...

    Nothing will sound like this box in your house!!! You can pay half of its value to get a tenth of the sound volume, density, emotion... so... bad business!!!

    The best thing is how much space a small box save without any kind of hearing pleasure quality...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beolit 12

    • Written by from London

    Sound is superb. Fills large rooms and has good detail for highs and mids; bass is strong, maybe a little imprecise. Portability is excellent. Design was the only one nice enough to please my wife. The wifi / Airplay is useless. Range is poor, suffers from drop-outs every few seconds. 3 or 4 stars because of that. For the price, Airplay should work and it does not.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beolit 12 Rocks

    • Written by from Gloucester

    The louder the better! At low volume it sounds a bit muddy but if you kick it up the mids and highs come through nicely. I do have a couple small gripes. Why they didn't include Bluetooth is beyond me. I know it doesn't sound as good but it's better than nothing. At least figure out a way to use a mobile hot spot. It seems the only way to setup the wifi is hard wired into the router? Whats up with that? I would have also preferred that all hardwire connections be made inside the box (like the RJ45) not outside. That way I could have stuffed a Bluetooth receiver with a line out inside and no wire exposed to the line in. Lastly, the price is about double what it really should be but it is B&O. Gotta pay for that name and styling. Overall I give it 4 stars and there is nothing out yet that I would give 5 to in this category. So far, AirPlay has been solid but your mileage may vary!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Small Box with Big Tower Sound

    • Written by from Monterey Park

    I actually bought all 3 - Big Jambox, Bose Soundlink, and Beolit 12 then test them out for several days. I ended up returned the Bose and Jambox. Beolit is by far the best quality among all 3... I mean by FAR. This little box can match up with any low/mid range book shelf speaker. Very nice high, mid and bass. Bose has some wave bass but blurry mid and high while Jambox has good mid and high but lack of bass. Also, when you crank up the volume, bose and jambox started to distort but Beolit remain good. If quality is all your care and able to afford additional bucks, BEOLIT is the one. If price drops to $599, i will give 5 stars

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound and Design / Poor Firmware and Wi-Fi

    • Written by from Nahant

    - Unparalleled sound quality from such a compact speaker - it's truly incredible
    - Long battery life
    - Beautiful exterior design, like you'd expect from B&O
    - Hardwired user experience is seamless

    - Wi-fi setup is cumbersome and complicated (through an Ethernet cable, an IP address, and your browser!)
    - Doesn't operate on its own wi-fi network, you must piggyback on an existing network, which is useless in outdoor settings. (but you can always hardwire I guess)
    - Every time you turn on wi-fi, you have to wait about 2 mins for it to come online. (come on, really? it should be instanteous)
    - App is utterly useless ... for a maker famous for its amazing industrial design, its software was designed by morons.

    I still give the Beolit 12 four stars because ultimately I bought this for the sound quality, beautiful exterior, and build quality, and it delivers on all those fronts. Its solid construction feels like it'll last for decades. I use it by my bedside with the iphone hardwired for charging and audio, and that works very well.

    Its HUGE deficiencies in software and wireless technology I sincerely hope can be addressed with future software updates.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beolit - reasonable compromise for some situations

    • Written by from Boston

    I recently purchased the Beolit 12 for an outdoor environment that I do not have access to power. It works reasonably well with limitations.

    Positives - sound quality is reasonable, although not as effective as wiring permanent outdoor speakers. Volume need to be reasonably high to get good quality and depth from the music. Setup took about 5 minutes although instructions are a bit cryptic. Works well using the remote app on my iPhone or iPad.

    Limitations - Airplay performance still inconsistent (location was about 20' from an Airport Express network extender). It works well enough but requires a periodic reset of the unit. The unit is expensive.

    Net - Happy with the purchase for a portable environment but would consider other options that are more cost effective or have potentially better sound if you have access to power.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic sound difficult to set up

    • Written by from Roskilde

    Very satisfied with the speakers. The Bass is deep and powerful.

    Airplay setup is difficult but once done it works.

    The best think apart from the sound quality is the build in battery that lasts 8 hours and charges the phone when plugged in.

    I use the Beolit 12 outdoor on my boat. The batteri makes it so practical.

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