• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Avoid if want to use airplay

    • Written by from Males bury

    Sound is average but only works via cable. I bought for airplay and have contacted supplier for refund.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Airplay does not work

    • Written by from København K

    This small music device delivers very nice sound, but the Airplay works like the wind blows. B&O has always been synonymous with good quality – but not this time, a music device at this price level should not have any problems with Airplay which is one of the reasons for choosing this device. Find something else...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    After nearly 2 years of experience - DON'T BUY

    • Written by from Whitehouse Station

    Do I like the audio quality of the Beolit 12 - YES, but that is where my happiness with this device ends. While I never had an issue with AirPlay, after the company provided the 1st software update the Beolit 12 began dropping constantly. I have and have always had the latest AirPort Extreme (keep the software updated), and have never had a single issue with any of the other AirPlay devices on my network. Here are some of the many things I have experienced with this device:

    - Inconsistent connection strength. Mind you the Beolit 12 sits all of 20 ft from my AirPort Extreme (on the opposite wall in an open room), yet the signal strength of the Beolit will range from excellent to poor. There is no rhyme of reason why the difference, but B&O has acknowledged that its software is "buggy", which leads me to the next item.

    - B&O has done a poor job providing updates for the product. The most recent update is from 2012. So I am trying to understand how a company that supposedly prides itself on quality, can acknowledge that the current release of its software has issues yet not provide an update for more than 2 years. The "current" software is version 1.02.12 with a March 26, 2012 release date. To me the lack of software updates demonstrated B&O's [lack of] commitment to quality, reputation and this product. Mind you, I have owned and currently own other B&O products, and more and more I believe the company's view is to develop products that are purely visually pleasing but are technologically inferior. This is not to say B&O speaker products do not sound fine, but hifi they are not. Sadly, B&O is now the one company that actually makes Bose seem like a bargain (when considering quality and price point) .

    - About 1 year into owning my unit the battery stopped holding a charge. B&O would not replace the unit but did offer to have me send it in for repairs - at my own expense. I have since used the product only when plugged in.

    Would I even consider buying this product again - doubtful, or at least not until some major changes are made. First I would suggest dumping AirPlay as it adds significant expense to the product. Bluetooth would be a reliable and less costly wireless connection method. Secondly, I would want to see B&O actually support its products better (or at least this one) by providing periodic updates (especially when the company knows its current software release has issues).

    The PROS of the Beolit 12 are: it is visually appealing (thought the leather strap looks a bit cheap in person relative to the pictures); and it sounds good.

    The CONS of the Beolit 12 are: spotty AirPlay connectivity; battery issues; poor product support; and WAY overpriced given the quality.