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    Generally quite happy

    • Written by from Toronto

    Bought this a year ago, and consider it good value for money. It scans, prints well without jamming, duplex prints which is really nice as I download a lot of technical papers, and I can AirPrint off my iPad. I just recommended it to a friend. I had a few irritating setup issues like getting AirPrint to work, HP's website is not the most customer friendly, but I managed to get everything working fine. My machine is linked to my wireless router via ethernet. The only other possibility is a USB 2.0 connection directly to my computer. If the machine has been powered off, it can take almost a minute after pushing the power-on button for the network to find the printer, for the printer to initialize, and to turn out the first page. And that applies to any function. That's mildly annoying, so I leave the machine on at all times. The power draw in sleep mode is small. I also find the manual a bit obtuse, especially as it pertains to faxing. Then again, it's easy to send a fax and nobody has tried to send me one since I've owned the machine.

    Don't buy the HP toner cartridge, compatibles from a reputable dealer will save you a bundle. This is a popular compatible, so it is widely available and often deeply discounted.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Scanner/Fax/Copier and Printer with regularly updated drivers.

    • Written by from Port Townsend

    I discovered this printer by pleasant surprise while installing a full office of iMac's 2 years ago. Most desks either received their own printer or between a pair of users in sharing the same offices. They were instantly seen by the iMac's and worked over the network for faxing, scanning and printing. Shortly afterwards, I purchased one for my own home office. The drivers do get updated which is good and bad, good in that they work, and bad in that the interface can change on you. I usually just delete the printers and let my mac find it again if it's changed on me. One downside is if you need to print much, the toner only lasts for about 4 to 5 reams of paper. For me, it works because I just don't print much, mainly use it as a copier, scanner and occasional fax and small print jobs.

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