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    • Written by from pacifica

    First off, not a single firmware update released since product launch. Thats nearly 3 years. This tells you that Phillips has given up on this product. I have the same setup and audio problems everyone has. Complete joke and waste of money.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    In serious need of a firmware update.

    • Written by from Vancouver

    First off, do not use this product if you rely on your Wifi network for fast transfers. It is a Wifi G device, and it will slow down your wireless N network. If you have an old router around, set it up as a separate network and put the sound ring on that. This way you will protect your N network from the slow down.

    Beyond this, playback drops when connected to iphones, ipads, ipods regularly, in all network configurations that I have tried including the latest airport extreme. Also, the product stops responding to the network after sitting idle for a while, and must be rebooted, rendering it a serious pain to use.

    If I don't see a firmware update soon, I think it might be time to write an article about the absurdity of Philips polished support videos being contrasted against the lack of the very features and support that they present. I bet Gizmodo would like to have something like that to run.

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    NOT iphone 4S compatible

    • Written by from Acworth

    Contradictory to the description on the Apple store website, these speakers do not work with the iphone 4S. In fact, after going through all the steps to hook them up & having the music repeatedly drop out, I checked the Philips support page which answers my question:
    (Copied directly from their frequently asked questions) We are aware of a playback issue with the iPhone 4S and AirPlay enabled speakers. We are currently looking into resolving this issue together with Apple. We will communicate immediately when a solution is available. Alternatively please use other products to enjoy AirPlay streaming.

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