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    • Written by from Greenbelt

    This is what I wanted out of a Bluetooth headset. The button acts exactly like the mic button for Siri, so you can carry a Siri conversation without touching your phone.

    Very comfortable. I leave it in my ear for hours. It does not fall out when you're chewing (like Jawbone).

    Battery life is acceptable; lasts a day.

    I love the physical on switch that turns it on and off easily. However, it can turn on easily in your pocket. A trade off. I will also be curious to see if it retains its firmness (build quality issue) over the years or if the switch will get all loosey goosey.

    Sound quality incoming is better than all the ones I tried. My friend reported a marginal difference outgoing between this and the Plantronics.

    Others tried: Old Jawbone Prime, Plantronics Voyager Pro HD, SoundId Six

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headset

    • Written by from Kirkland

    I purchased this unit over a week ago to use with my new iPhone 4S.

    After researching reviews by other users, I found that the Bose 2 fits many of my requirements which are geared towards business users such as superior sound quality, ease of use, good battery life and ability to function well with features of my phone (Siri).

    The unit has provided great sound quality for both myself and other parties that I am talking with even in mildly windy conditions that caused noise problems with other headsets (Moto, Plantronic etc.).

    Bose has done an excellent job of designing the controls which as simple a power switch, volume control and answer button. There is no need to press and hold a button for several seconds to initiate various controls which makes other units overly difficult to use without keeping a manual handy.

    Battery life so far has been excellent, I am able to use the headset for most of the business day without the need to recharge. But I am sure like most other units, as it ages the battery will gradually weaken and from my experience small headsets such as this are good for about 9 months to a year of constant use.

    The headset works flawlessly with Siri, just press the answer button and then speak when you hear the beep .... Siri responds and recognizes my requests allowing me to make virtually hands free calls while driving.

    Ah and before I forget, the silicon earpieces fit nicely and do not require that you jam the unit into your ear. Simple choose the cover that fits you well then align it so that when placed into your outer ear that it will stay in place.

    The unit is light and comfortable and I have found that I have do not notice it after wearing it for awhile.

    The unit appears to be able to stay in place well, but I wouldn't try running while wearing it.

    Any downsides?

    Well the only gripes I could have would be the short USB charging cable and the small travel case which the wall charger does not fit into (if you try to zip it shut)..

    Beyond that I have found that this headset is well worth the $150 I paid for it and will certainly make Bose my first consideration when I have to replace this unit in a year.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No worth the money, or anywhere close

    • Written by from Northport

    PROS: Bluetooth streaming sounds good, and yes, it does activate Siri with one push and no additional steps
    CONS: Poor build quality, buttons and switches stink, multi-point is unreliable, Doesn't work properly with Macs or Skype, save your $150

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    The best headset

    • Written by from Taunton

    This the best headset ever. I have tested every brand none come even close to the quality of the sound ,it deliver better sound than the I phone mic and earphone ... And it is so comfortable to wear .I do recommend it highly

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