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    Over Rated

    • Written by from CHICAGO

    I bought this headset based on the Bose name, I had it a total of one day then returned it, I make a lot of business calls during the day while driving from client to client. Most of my clients told me that it sounded like I was calling from a tin can, and I also noticed it was hard for me to hear the calls when I had the window down. I purchased the Jawbone Era headset, and was amazed that the quality of the sound and the callers said that they could not tell that I was on a headset. It announces battery level, and announces the callers name when a call comes in. I do not have to hunt around for the call button to take a call, I merely tap once anywhere on the unit to take a call and tape again to end the call.

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    having trouble

    • Written by from Tinley park

    I recently purchased my second Bose replacing the same model at only 2 years old. It quit the ability to pair with my IPhone. This one worked great for a month and now this one will not synch with my phone. Has anyone else had that problem?

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    Was fine but now the other side gets digital goobly doo

    • Written by from Sarasota

    Used to work perfectly for quite some time, clear and all that.
    Now it is terrible, cuts off inspite of being fully charged, the other side hears digital garble, did all I could, restart & reset, still terrible.
    Going back to the store.

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    bose bluetooth ear piece

    • Written by from tewksbury

    ear piece wont sync with my iphone 4s its hard to rate when i can't use it

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    Not compatible with iPhone 5S

    • Written by from Westlake Village

    Purchased in December, long after 5S was out. Used with my 4S, worked great. Upgraded to the 5S, then found the Bose is not compatible with 5s, only with the 5. Both manufacturers should point this out clearly in their product info.

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    Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2

    • Written by from Lisle

    I've owned many Bluetooth headsets. On November 23,2013 I purchased the Bose series 2 . My experience has been very negative. The "noise canceling system "does not work. I have had many callers complain that they were unable to understand me because of too much background noise . I am an audiologist and ALL of my patients are hearing impaired it's disturbing that they are unable to understand me unless I am in a completely quiet room with no noise . I phoned Bose to see if there was a way to adjust the noise reduction system. The customer service rep was very helpful offered to replace the headset (shipping charges not covered). Will need to wait 10 days

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    Will Not Buy another Bose Blue Tooth

    • Written by from CORDOVA

    I was very happy to know Bose made a blue tooth,I have owned their products in the past,so did not hesitate to buy the Bluetooth. Big mistake,had trouble pairing it to my I phone4,then the volume would drop to very low and I could not adjust it up,so I recharged it,nothing,plus know matter what ear bud I tried it would fall out,for the price I paid very disappointed,just got back from buying the knew blue ant q3,very happy with it,Bose needs to recall this product ,terrible

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