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    Bose Series 2

    • Written by from lutz

    I had Bose series 2 since it came out and I have been paring it with my Iphone 3s ever since. It worked great until the new Iphone4s came out (as far as I can remember) when the Bose Headset keeps dropping off the connections or Iphone3s keeps dropping of the Bose headset, not sure chicken or eggs. Anyways, I was hoping it happens to many people and either Bose or Apple would fix the problem by now. However, I took out the same headset to use, same problem still exist. Anyone has any solutions?

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    Problems with Pairing to My iPhone 4

    • Written by from Mansfield

    Big fan of iPhones (have a 5 for personal use and a 4 for work) and a huge Bose fan with multiple products. Currently have the Bose Gen 2 and it worked fine on my iPhone 5 and worked great on my previous BlackBerry. When my BlackBerry failed my company replaced it with the iPhone 4. The Bose headset does not work properly with the 4 for some odd reason. The complaint from others is that I "cut in and out" and they cannot hear me. The exact same thing happened to another person I work with when he transitioned from a BB to the iPhone 4. Contacted Bose support who suggested I update the Firmware but as it turns out I already have the latest version. They also suggested removing the BlueTooth from the iPhone and pairing it again. Tried that as well but the problem still exists. They also suggested powering off the phone which in this case doesn't apply as I fly almost every week and the phone is off a lot. After all this and discussions with two support techs I was told they have no other suggestions. Obviously not the answer I was looking for. Looks like I will be forced to go with a different BlueTooth.

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    Good but not good enough

    • Written by from Sudbury

    I'm a big Bose fan, with a variety of lifestyle and portable products in my home and within the family. I was very dissatisfied with the first gen of the Bose BT headset due to the inability to use it outdoors (ex. walking across a parking lot) due to sensitivity to even the slightest amount of wind. I bought a generation 2 with the hopes that the advertising was accurate about it being largely immune to outdoor interference. While it is better than the original, it's still strongly affected by even a very slight breeze (far-end connection complains about loud wind noise). So, I've invested $300 into Bose BT headsets, but cannot use any of them anywhere other than when I'm sitting at home/office or in my car (which already has hands free).

    I would not recommend this product until Bose improves wind noise rejection. I'm not asking that it work in a hurricane. But, it should not inject loud wind noise into the far end in a 5-10mph breeze.

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    No worth the money, or anywhere close

    • Written by from Northport

    PROS: Bluetooth streaming sounds good, and yes, it does activate Siri with one push and no additional steps
    CONS: Poor build quality, buttons and switches stink, multi-point is unreliable, Doesn't work properly with Macs or Skype, save your $150

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