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    I just got mine today. I was very excited to see what I may be missing with some premium headphones so I rushed out to get these. I must not be the audiophile that I thought I was. Admittedly I have only used the stock headphones that have come with my iPods and iPhones. I really can't hear a difference. The silicone cones that these and much cheaper headphones come with do block out all outside noise (passive noise cancellation, but so do my 1.99 silicone ear plugs that I use when it's too noisy to sleep. The sound quality is a bit flat and seems to be missing some base, which I was hoping for. Mine are going back. They certainly aren't 179.00 better than the ones I already paid for when I bought my iPhone at full retail. Other minor complaints - Made in China. Really? I think that's not good for our country or for quality products. There seems to be no eco friendly efforts that went into the product or packaging. Maybe none of this matters to you but it definitely matters to me. The packaging could have been as elegant and impressive with 75% less of it and using recycled and recyclable materials, possibly allowing for a bit less of a sharp price point. The product itself could have been made of recycled material. If it is made of recycled material there wasn't much of an effort made to tout it. I've been listening to the C5's for 30 mins now and I'm already going back to my ear buds. I had such high hopes for this product but to me it's not worth more than 39.99.

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