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    Libratone Lounge - very expensive, lousy service, support

    • Written by from Belfast

    Beware, beware, beware if you are thinking of forking out USD 1,3000 for this speaker. True it looks great, but it just doesn't work......and if you have a problem, kiss good-bye to getting any help or support from Libratone. I bought mine several months ago, it just didn't work, despite their fancy 'simple, straight of the box' marketing ploys. It didn't work, they don't respond to phone calls (only notionally available in the US) and everywhere else in the world support is offered only via e-mail - which they ignore. Truly, the worst experience for such a purported 'high end' product. Even when I did manage to contact them, many months later, when they agreed the unit was defective. not a single word of regret, remourse or apology from staff member 'Henning Eithz' in their 'support' department. Beware, stay well, clear - a beautiful device, that doesn't work and has no effective support. ONE UNHAPPY, BURNED CLIENT - NEVER AGAIN !!!

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    libratone lounge@6 months

    • Written by from Cupertino

    aesthetiics: pleasing to the eye & simple. wool cover is an elegant touch. sooo much better then the traditional utilitarian speaker box designs. adds to the look of the living space.

    function: when it's working it's great, unfortunately, it's operation is far, far...did I say far from flawless and for the price point...it plain just should be, no excuses. experience momentary and not so momentary drops when using either iPhone 5 or iPad (mini & regular size) and if the device is farther away will drop out completely. I thought this was wifi.
    Note: my hardware is tip top (new...less then 6 months), internet speed 50mbps...uh should be adequate ya think.

    audio quality: yes, I know, high degree of subjectivity. I'm not an audiophile but I still care about a quality listening experience.
    With that said....audio is lacking. yes, of course, different types of music sound better then others. I have tried all there preset "voicing" modes. seriously I think its more of a gimmick....give me full EQ capability then we'll talk ;)
    audio is ultimately unbalanced. yes, bass comes through nicely but mid range and highs are totally weak. to get a crisp high end you have to almost max out the volume and by that time your heart is skipping a beat because the low's are out of control...ha ha just kidding but you get my point.

    bottom line: NO...I would not recommend this product per it's poor execution in function and audio quality (ribbon tweeters...so what ;\) and all this for the very low price of...oh no wait...not low but super overpriced.

    Side note: as a TV sound bar....NOT.

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    Utterly disapointing

    • Written by from New York

    This speaker is pathetic. It has a nice design and nothing more. It looses AirPlay connection virtually every time I stop playing music. And I have a Zeppelin Air much further from my router that never looses connection.

    I bought this Libratone Lounge from DWR last December. Its initial setup is extremely easy but that’s it. Virtually ever time I stopped playing music it would loose AirPlay connection. Bringing it back would require not just a couple of clicks on iTunes but literally turning the Libratone OFF and ON and waiting for it to reconnect to my computer or any other AirPlay device. I have an internet connection stable and strong enough to keep my Zeppelin Air perfectly connected for months. Last January I emailed the manufacturer and they promptly emailed me back saying it could be an issue with my internet connection (an argument easily refuted by the amazing Zeppelin Air connection I have) and saying that a Libratone software update coming in mid-February could fix the issue. (Another reviewer got a mid-January timeframe as an answer.)

    We are almost in mid-May. If in the next couple of weeks they don’t release an update fixing the issue, I’m just going to return the speaker to the manufacturer and buy another Zeppelin Air for less than half of the price of my Libratone Lounge.

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