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    I like these, but...

    • Written by from Round Rock

    I've had these for over a year. Good stuff: They're the ONLY headphones that will stay in my ears. I find them comfortable. The sound quality is better than most but not perfect. Those reviews that say they can still hear back ground noise are right - and for a good reason. They're designed for running - so you can HEAR TRAFFIC. They're made like that on purpose. I wear them all day sitting in front of my computer & work out in them as well. Bad stuff: the rubber pieces do fall off easily. I have to be really careful not to lose them. Second, the cord tangles really easily. I know it's because it's that rubber material that makes them waterproof, but it's annoying. Yurbuds, please make some with a silky cord for non-work out use! And fix the rubber things so they don't fall off, please.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Hamilton

    These are great. The sound is fine (I'm not looking for my running earbuds to give me superpure sound) and the earpieces fit and do not move.

    My one complaint is the remote/mic unit: it's huge (bounces noisily) and a bit finicky for volume and tune selection/control. They come with a little clip to help with the bouncing weight of the remote unit, but it's still a little big.

    LOVE that I can have buds on my runs, though.

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    Almost perfect

    • Written by from Toronto

    Finally, I found a pair of ear buds that won't fall out, and still let me hear the environment around me (on low volumes). Great value, and if the buds don't fit, Yurbuds will make you a custom pair for free. The only 2 things I'm not happy with is the location of the remote (where the 2 ear bud wires join). I wish it was higher up on the left ear bud. The bass response could be better too. But I am satisfied with my purchase and they will be ideal when I bike to work.

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    So far so good.... if they fall out try the larger buds or have them custom

    • Written by from Anchorage

    These headphones have held up wonderfully. Initially I had the same opinion as the other reveiwier noting that once you start sweating they fall out. However, I switched to the larger sized buds and they are great. I run about 50 miles a week and sweat ALOT. I've tried several other lines of sport headphones and they either fal out or the remote fails from water damage (even though they are waterproof).
    the only minor downside is the remote is a bit heavy. If you clip it to your shirt just right it's not a huge bother.

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    4 stars for fit

    • Written by from Toronto

    If you are looking for a pair of headphones that will stay in your ears then these are the ones. The locking system is really a rubber "sleeve" that you put onto a regular pair of old school ear buds (like the kind that comes with your i-Pod) that are designed in such a way as to wedge itself comfortably into your outer ear. I stress outer-ear as these are not in-ear headphones so there is no sound isolation effect. These ear-phones have their mic/volume control/on-off button located in the area where the two wires coming off the earbuds meet. This puts the control buttons a little lower when wearing the headphones which takes a little getting used to if you are used to the Apple-mic position of these buttons on the right ear-bud, that many of the headphone manufacturers have also adopted. I see no benefit to locating the control buttons to where these Yurbuds have them and in fact I find the design more bulky and cumbersome especially for a pair of headphones that would be used by people while engaging in physical activity. That is not to say that this is a inhibitive design flaw.

    Sound quality is average but the true selling factor for these earphones is that they stay in your ear and are comfortable to wear.

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    Fantastic headphones for running

    • Written by from Georgetown

    Went into the Apple store looking for the Sennheiser earbuds, and ended up leaving with these instead.

    Love the sound quality, though putting those things in your ear feels weird at first. The iPod controls have a habit of flipping over but I can live with that. I also love that they picked a decent colour (red) for these rather than that god awful neon vomit that Sennhieser is using.

    These are a perfect fit for my workout - mainly runs in the 10km range where my sweat was killing my Apple headphones.

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