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    One word... velcro

    • Written by from Playa del Rey

    I purchased this, and returned it... I don't have enough space between my TV and the wall to add any more bulk. Instead I picked up a under a buck roll of velcro and had no problems mounting my beloved apple TV. I also placed a piece of velcro behind a second TV and can move my ATV no problem. Apple TV is so light that even the weak velcro i'm using is holding it in place just fine... If the adhesive ever comes off, I'll just use another strip of velcro...

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    Limited purpose, too many practical substitutes.

    • Written by from Lexington

    I bought this item under the impression it was designed to mount into one of the VESA (wall mount standard) mounting holes on the back of my TV. It's not, it comes with drywall anchors and the instructions are written for wall mounting purposes.

    IF you have a wall mounted TV
    WITHOUT any sort of entertainment cabinet or stand below it
    AND you are sketched out about using Velcro
    THEN this is the product for you.

    I will be instead just Velcro it to the back of my TV, maybe, have to think about heat generation of my TV and the Apple TV.

    Basically just trying to free up shelf space and have one less thing to routinely dust.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Laughably poor quality

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    There should be two pieces of plastic to make this tray. There are three. From the company website about what holds the Apple TV in place:

    "The tvTray cradles the Apple TV with an 1/8" piano black acrylic. A small "stop" prevents the Apple TV from slipping out. Because of the design, the Apple TV can be mounted in just about any orientation."

    Despite there being molded plastic sides on the piece that has the small "stop" the "stop" is a third piece glued onto the 1/8" plastic. Why this "stop" wasn't molded like the sides is a mystery. What should be the 2nd and only other piece of plastic is notched and fit into the other piece. It is supposed to be glued, but only one side was glued.

    I'm an idiot for buying this product for $30.

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    H-Squared tv try

    • Written by from Multan

    Its really very helpful product to put my Apple TV anywhere in the room without worrying about it.

    Thank you Apple Team.

    Love You!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Its really very helpful product

    • Written by

    Its really very helpful product to put my Apple TV anywhere in the room without worrying about it.

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