• 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from San Francisco

    I bought one of these then Bought a Rav Power - 3 X the capacity of my Mophie for less than 40 bucks!

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    Not very Happy

    • Written by from Enfleld

    it will charge your iphone 4s your ipad 4 but after 5 charges will not work waiting if they send me a second one after having this one for 1 mouth i do love it. comes in handy. there good at replacing the item if it goes wrong like i said its my second one in two mouths and now sent them an email for them to send me another fingers cross.

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    • Written by from Tampa

    Bought one almost a year ago for IPhone5. It would never hold a charge. Last time I recharged it a big bulge developed in the middle of the device and it separated at the front edge. I have one of their power jackets that works fine. I have used their products with previous versions of IPhone with no problems so was disappointed this one did not work.

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    Mophie Juice Battery

    • Written by from Reseda

    This gadget is reliable. It really boost up your phone easily. Great.

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    Works great with the iPhone 5

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    This product does a great job of recharging the iPhone 5 & an ok job of with the iPad 3. I found the best way of not having to carry a extra cord with the iPhone 5 is to buy the Micro USB adapter and use the cord the device comes with and place the adapter on it. For the iPad and the later models of the iPhone you need to have an extra cord.

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    I prefer my iPhone 5 naked

    • Written by from Fairfax

    This battery is perfect for an iPhone 5 without a case. I had the iPhone 4S and purchased the Mophie Juice Pack Plus but I was hesitant of the added bulk so I occasionally took it off. I feel like the iPhone is designed to be elegant in its sole form without the added protection of a case. I actually purchased the AppleCare+ because in the end, I've probably bought so many cases for my iPhone 4S that it was MORE expensive than the protection plan. The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation is a perfect solution for naked iPhone 5s because I simply stuff it in my backpack until I absolutely need to recharge my iPhone 5. I also have a couple GoPro cameras so I can also use this to charge those guys. Definitely a great buy!

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    Avoid this thing

    • Written by from Kailua

    This expensive accessory is badly constructed in that the micro-USB charging connector is so tight that unplugging the 3-foot long charging cable can destroy the socket. This has happened to me twice. The Apple store, to its credit, replaced the device free both times, but to avoid this happening again I have to keep the cable permanently plugged in to the device - to the detriment of its portability.

    A related design weakness is the need to carry a SECOND cable - a standard 3-foot Apple cable - to actually charge ones iPhone/Iphone.

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    Charges Fast!

    • Written by from Hummelstown

    I bought a 4S in May and quickly realized that even with changing settings to reduce battery usage it will drain within 24 hours. I needed another way to charge the phone when a regular charger wasn't available.

    The Mophie is the ticket and it charges fast. I've had to use it twice and it charges within an hour. Get one and don't leave home or office without it.

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    Don't buy this for iPad 3

    • Written by from sr catharines

    At the very best you will get a 25 percent charge for a third generation iPad. There are much better batteries available at this very high price.
    This is not a worthwhile purchase and Apple should not be selling this inferior product

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    This little gadet is the best thing I purchased.

    • Written by from Duck Key

    I purchased this Juice Pack & I use it even on my Samsung Infuse, Verizon Motorola RAZR & my iTouch 4th generation. I loved it so much I purchased another for my husband.

    Best thing I ever had & it fit with your smartphone & iTouch in the smallest purse.
    I just use one of my camera cases for the juice pack or one of of my pouches.

    I give this very powerful gadget 100 STARS!!

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    Not worth it for New iPad or IPhone 4S

    • Written by from Buffalo Grove

    I bought the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation to use on the plane for an upcoming trip to Singapore. Before leaving town, I decided to test it out, and was very disappointed.

    First off, using my iPad charger as the manual suggested took at least 5+ hours to charge the Mophie. I would tolerate this as I would have time to charge it overnight. However, when I used the Mophie to charge my IPhone 4S from a fully depleted phone battery, it took 3 hours and used at least 75% of the Mophie charge up. This is a lot less than the 2 full charges claimed by Mophie web site and other reviews.

    After fully charging the Mophie again, another 5 hours, I tried it with the new iPad (3rd Gen). After three hours charging the iPad, the battery was up to only 22% (from zero) and the Mophie was exhausted. The bottom line is it took a total of 8 hours to charge the Mophie and transfer the charge to the iPad, leaving a charge that is sufficient to use the iPad just over two hours.

    Needless to say, tomorrow I am returning the Mophie to the Apple Store.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best battery pack

    • Written by from SAINT PETERSBURG

    I have to say out of all external battery chargers and even the mophie juice packs, this is by far the best you can buy. Very lightnweight and portable. Charges my iPhone in 10-15 minutes to a full charge. Also, charges my iPad 2 to about half way. But this device was made for iPhone and other devices that can be charged with USB. I recommend this to everyone.

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    • Written by from West palm beach


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    Almost there but not yet perfect

    • Written by from Arlington

    This is an excellent backup power supply which I'm sure you will enjoy. Its outside appearance is obviously derived from the iPhone 4 and this is a positive quality. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, after all.

    Sizewise, it is 1.5 times as thick, 1/2 inch shorter, and exactly as wide as the iPhone 4. It's just about the same weight as #4, but perhaps 15 grams lighter. The black surface is rubberized and provides an ideal platform on which to rest #4 while it's charging. There is a single button on the side which when pressed indicates its current status via 4 lights. Of course less illuminated lights means less charge is left. When charging, these same 4 lights blink incrementally until 100% charge is reached, at which point all lights remain steady.

    This is one of several Mophie power source products and this model is the universalized version in that it utilizes the ubiquitous USB interface. While it does not tie itself exclusively to the Apple proprietary interface, the manual explicitly states it was primarily designed for Apple products. No guarantee is offered for other mobile products. (One must wonder why they even bothered univeralizing it if they weren't going to test compatibility with other devices.) For this reason, the user is required to provide his own interface cable which must be USB on the mating end. So if you choose to acquire this premium product, you must consider the additional cost of an extra Apple docking cable, should you require one.

    To charge a device using this product, you connect it via your supplied USB cable, and push the only button available on its side to turn it on. Simple!

    To charge the device itself, you connect to it the supplied micro-USB cable which has a standard USB interface on the other end. From here you are free to connect it to any charging source which offers USB output.

    I purchased this product for the purpose of:

    1) Reducing battery wear on my #4 when using power hungry GPS navigation software.

    2) Ensuring I have a backup power source if I get lost in the woods during one of my nature treks.

    I give it 4 stars for these reasons:

    1) It gets confused if attempting to charge the device immediately after using it to charge another device. If you try to do this, the charge lights will blink for about 3 seconds before all 4 of them go steady. This will give you the false impression that the device is fully charged, but I assure you it is not. You must wait for an undetermined time period (perhaps 30 minutes?) before it will correctly start charging. I read about this same flaw elsewhere, but decided to see for myself it if was true. Indeed it was.

    2) I do not like that there are 2 separate interfaces: USB to charge devices and micro-USB to charge the device itself. This means I need to keep track of one extra wire with my arsenal of electronic gadgets. It would have been better to integrate the device's charge interface with the device itself. Perhaps a retractable USB cable?

    All in all, this is a well designed product I think most people will find acceptable by non-Apple standards.

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    • Written by from Edmonton

    I love that this will charge even iPad. It's good for 2 full charges of the iPhone or half of the iPad. Both ways it's great for emergencies and wonderfully portable.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love my Mophie Powerstation!!!

    • Written by from Cave Creek

    I use my Powerstation constantly for my I-Pad, my I-Phone, and my I-Pod. I love it! Just plug it and off she goes. Great for home and for traveling. It is an accessory I will never go without. I also use the Mophie juice pack case and love it as well. It is bullet proof.

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    Best Mophie Product

    • Written by from Edison

    This is so much better than the prior Mophie products that encase the device. I used this last night to charge my iPhone 4s and my son's iPod touch. It is great because you can use your device while charging it and it doesn't block any of the speakers or headphone jacks. It charged both devices while they were being used and 2 of the 4 lights on the battery were lit after the devices were charged. It is a little bigger than I expected but in comparison to the other Mophie external batteries which are almost as big but have a much smaller power capacity, this is the best buy. It isn't as heavy as you would expect given its size (a little shorter than the iPhone 4s).

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