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    Grossly Ineffective

    • Written by from Toronto

    We bought this at work to secure a student Mac Mini to a work surface. It was easy enough to install, but took considerable effort to seat the Mini on the mount. The "locking mechanism" is basically a thin leaf spring, and can be easily disabled and broken, and managed to last all of a week intact. DO NOT BUY THIS AS A COMPUTER LOCK!

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    • Written by from Hove

    In summary: this does what it says, well.

    As many of us use a Mac Mini as a HTPC as Apple don't offer anything else to do the job currently (they could do a HTPC version of the Mini obviously!).
    Hence why using this behind your TV works really well to get the Mini hidden away in awkward spaces.

    This also works well on flat surfaces to avoid Mini's getting needlessly moved around when they need to stay in one place. Basically it's a different solution to the Kensington lock, offering less annoying movement of the machine on any given surface.

    Neat idea for any HTPC user, and beyond!

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