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    Worth it

    • Written by from Mazomanie

    Ok. It's a $40 bent piece of metal. Get over it. You own a MBA, you demand that solutions deliver perfect performance without the slightest compromise in styling. That's why you'll by the book arc.

    First it's beautiful, the styling is a wonderful compliment to the MBA. The metal is slightly darker in color than the MBA body but nothing to complain about. It's a little annoying that the 12 south logo is on the top, but their logo is cool and the placement is forgivable. The way it displays the MBA and the apple logo is awesome. It makes me wish there were a way to keep the logo lit without using the backlight.

    Functionally, 12 south has developed a winner here. It's got a great weight to it, NO worries about it tipping - very stable. The fit is like a glove - perfect with no wiggling or leaning etc. I wish the cable management hook did a better job, the power cable frequently falls out and needs to be replaced or adjusted prior to placing the unit in the arc.

    This is a great accessory. Storing the MBA vertically is fun, makes the unit easy to grab and use and also saves a lot of desk space. Work in clamshell mode? This is for you.

    Note that since the arc is such a perfect fit - there is a trick to getting it out. You've got to tip the MBA to the side then lift. If you pick it straight up, the arc sticks. This is NOT as horrible as it sounds and tipping the MBA to "undock" is kinda cool anyway.

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    Twelve South BookArc is Useful and High Quality

    • Written by from New York

    Great functional design, great aesthetics, very solid construction. I now own two: one for my new MacBook Pro 15" and one for my old MacBookPro 15" which I keep on the network for file storage and local tasks when I am on the road.

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    • Written by from Pittsburg

    Went to an Apple store in KC and looked at this little bad-boy. At first, I assumed it was plastic, but I was dead wrong. Its got a very well made structure and doesn't take up room next to my iMac. Awesome holder, awesome purchase!

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    • Written by from Tarpon Springs


    Solid Construction
    Heavy (No fear of your MBA easily tipping over.
    Useful groove in the rubberized material for cables
    Made out of Metal not plastic!


    It worries me slightly that the notch isn't terribly deep. This is probably just paranoia though because the rubber grip holds onto the MBA quite firmly.

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    • Written by from Austin

    This is a high quality good looking stand. It works well for the MacBook Air or the iPad with a smart cover. I love this company- good quality products.

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