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    Nice alterative to a sound bar

    • Written by from Dallas

    I've enjoyed high quality audio for a while in both multii-channel and stereo formats. I like the everything about a multi-channel setup except for the fact that it begins to take over the room it is setup in. I became tired of the cables, stands, subwoofer, can't put this furniture here, etc...etc..
    I decided to move to a simple, one piece solution, and the Zeppelin Air fit the bill. After looking into some different sound bar options I decided that I didn't care for something that pretends to produce multi-channel audio. I just wanted something that sounded nice and clear, but still could produce clean bass without a separate subwoofer. Well the Zeppelin Air also does that, and it looks fantastic as well. The Zeppelin has just the right inputs for my needs, I use the USB for my computer and the optical input for my Xbox 360. I'm happy and now my living room is much more comfortable to be in.

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    Airplay works flawlessly....sound better than direct connect....

    • Written by from NORTHPORT

    First off, the apple retail stores, now have this item in stock for sale. I ran down to replace my original zeppelin....When I got home ..I immediately hooked my iphone directly to the unit...the sound was about on par with the original...the bass was definitely a little overpowering...so I went to equilizer and turned treble boost on...and I liked the sound better.....but the verdict was still a hold out for me...so I went..the setup requires you to connect the ethernet cable directly to your computer, mac or windows....I did and went thru the set up process..important you follow the setup to the tee....wait for the blinking lights to stop and turn solid purple ect.....I also recommend you download remote app from app store...it free and will see your whole library.....of songs...ok now, I dont know if its my imagine...but the sound from airplay actually sounds better and fuller than the direct connection....amazing quality from these speakers....you can even control the volume from your iphone ipad or ipod touch....the sound is incredible..that with airplay working wirelessly...Bowers and Wilkins have a home run product on their hands..highly recommended..im so glad I sold my old unit to upgrade to this.

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    Great System!

    • Written by from voorhees

    This sound system is amazing!! I was able to set it up in about 10 minutes total. The only reason it took 10 minutes was that I went to B&W's website under support for the Zeppelin Air and downloaded the firmware upgrade before I even set it up. I read the previous reviews and figured this would solve most, if not all of them. I then loaded the firmware into the Zeppelin Air following the instructions very close. I then set up the Zeppelin on my Mac. I had no problems at all and have not had any issues with the Airplay function at all. Definitely worth the money! I hope this helps everyone!

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