• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy, "even a caveman can do it"

    • Written by from Elgin

    Great sound, easy to setup just read the instructions included. Don't understand all the complaints going on about "can't connect to network" blah blah.

    Unboxed and connected to my wifi in 15 mins. Even though it is not officially supported I can even charge the iPad on this thing. B&W made an exceptional product.

    The audio has enough bass without too much "boom" or exaggerated. The Zep. Air can fill a small-medium room with adequate level. Distortion was not experienced at high volume.

    It's pricey but worth the cost of admission IMO.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Dock Available

    • Written by from London

    The sound just fills the room and you. Setup with was fairly straight forward. There is also a video on the B&W website that walks you through the process. I've only listened tp MP3 files from my iphone so far but can't wait to try out using the ALAC format which is supposed to really open up the sound.

    I listened to this as well as the Bose sound dock and this is far superior!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Phenomenal sound quality!

    • Written by from Liverpool

    I noticed that people are having problems with AirPlay. Guys, please, invest in a high quality router and modem and forget about all the woes of disconnections before blaming Bowers & Wilkins. For me, Netgear wireless devices is the solution.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Docking Air-Play Device that I have seen!

    • Written by from Carmel

    Just a little glitch when setting up to my network. Just make sure that you connect directly to your PC/Mac and not your router/hub. Also dont use Explorer 9. Once I got past these issues, it connected right away!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing speakers, but AirPlay doesn't work

    • Written by from New York

    The speakers sound amazing. (Note that it will take a few hours/days for them to burn in, however, so they don't sound amazing out of the box. But soon, they will.)

    BUT, the AirPlay is useless (even with the latest firmware installed).

    When I turn the speakers on, AirPlay works. But it permanently disconnects usually within an hour or two, meaning I've got to power the speakers off and on to re-enable it. This is just terrible engineering -- I mean, if the speaker realizes it's lost the Wi-Fi connection, then it should try reconnecting on its own afterwards! Really just unforgiveable.

    But also, quite often the AirPlay just stops working from one song to another. The connection isn't lost, because I can reselect the speaker as output, and the AirPlay works again. So I have no idea what's going on there.

    I could forgive short gaps in AirPlay, because I understand there might be WiFi interference. But the fact that it just dies all the time, and I can rarely get it to play more than 2 or 3 songs in a row, makes it completely useless.

    Hopefully B&W fixes these in future firmware updates, but I doubt it, since I figure they would have been fixed already, since it seems like everyone on the Internet is complaining about the same thing.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality comes in 3 parts

    • Written by from BOWEN

    Out of the box Product, Long Term Satisfaction, Support if it isn't right.

    This product has great sound quality..no doubt...
    The volume goes up crazy loud on its own...
    In times of high humidity it shocks us...no it is not static...it is a consistent electrical shock
    I have sent back twice to be repaired (almost the cost of a new unit)..
    We are not happy with this unit...if that is not already apparent..

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great speakers. AirPlay a dud.

    • Written by from SAN FRANCISCO

    Solid, great sounding speakers, but AirPlay was a key selling point.

    I bought my partner the ZA for Christmas from the Online Store. After spending three hours on Christmas Day trying to get it to AirPlay properly I have come to the conclusion that the WiFi or AirPlay module is faulty. I had to update the firmware to 1.1.3 twice. After the first firmware update, the unit went into some kind of torpor and wouldn’t even respond to a hard reset.

    I found that a LOT of customers have the same problem, but most end up returning it at this point. It was by PURE CHANCE that I ran across a forum post that pointed me to where to download the software to restore the firmware to 1.0.0.

    Incidentally, B&W don’t include a USB cable, so unless you have one handy, you can’t update the firmware.

    But EVEN AFTER finally successfully updating to 1.1.3, the ZA now connects to my wifi network fine, but will only AirPlay for half a minute. I set my WiFi router to issue a dedicated IP to the ZA’s MAC address and used an IP scanner to watch. When the ZA stops streaming, it disappears from all my iDevices’ AirPlay lists, and also the IP scans fail to detect it. So I’m quite sure that the WiFi/AirPlay module is kaput.

    Apple was very accommodating when I called to arrange for a replacement, but ultimately, I wasted a lot of my time trying to get it to work and have to waste more time and effort lugging it to FedEx and waiting another 7-10 days for a replacement unit that was supposed to be a CHRISTMAS GIFT for someone special.

    This product isn’t cheap. Is it wrong to expect better QC than this?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Cambridge

    I bought mine from the Apple store in Cambridgeside Galleria Mall in Boston. I brought it home, couldn't set it up. Took it back, it took a salesman TWO HOURS to set it up. I took it home. It didn't work. I gave up. In November I went back to the store, after an hour TWO salesmen were able to set it up. Brought it home and after some difficulties set it up. Played fine for a month and then inexplicably disconnected itself, it has been a weak and I and a friend have not been able to set it up. Can't get intothe Zeppelin site to verify -and worse, sound isn't even that great. Get a Bose, I've had two for years and they work every time, this is expensive rubbish.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Useless and Being Returned

    • Written by from OLDSMAR

    Words cannot but fail to describe how disappointed I am.I bought this at the Apple store in Tampa yesterday. It simply will not communicate with nor work with my PC as the set up page cannot be found when typed in as specified in instructions. Also, it will not work with my iPod through the dock connector either. The iPod displays a message that the accessory ( the Zeppelin ) is not supported by the iPod and that is despite the fact that the iPod is listed as being able to be played through the dock connector on all the literature . Oh! and there is no technical support available either, so only option is to return . I would give it zero stars as that is what it deserves.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    just awesome

    • Written by from Bangalore

    This by one of the best speakers i have heard to the sound is crisp with right amount of bass and treble.Also the overall design and the airplay feature is just so amazing i have airport extreme and there is no problem of cuts of sound or any delay.If you want to get the best speakers with airplay feature go for them.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not Worth The Cost

    • Written by from Thousand Oaks

    Not impressed with the space age design.
    If you play this at at a low setting, the sound is very good.
    To play this a little louder in order to fill a large room, there is way too much static and distortion.
    Airplay cuts in and out.
    The Bose SoundDock 10 will fill a room, no static noise. I prefer the Bose sound. Audiophiles are way too consumed with knocking Bose, but I am here to tell you that this B&W is very expensive and just doesn't compare to the Bose sound dock.
    Now, if you want a big speaker surround system for playing music from a quality A/V speaker rather than music from an iPod compressed music source - look at B&W and other high end brands. For iPod docking - Bose has the best sound if you are planning to spend $500+

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best of Britain

    • Written by from Mountain View

    Bowers and Wilkins' Zeppelin Air produces superb audio (using 24-bit/96kHz DAC technology), is stylish and well constructed using quality materials. The Airplay feature supports audio streaming from iTunes (and other AirPlay enabled apps.) using iPod/iPhone/iPad via Wi-Fi (setup for Wi-Fi is easy). - For TV (in general, and to include Apple TV), the Zeppelin Air should be wire connected using Analog or Digital links from TV audio out to Zeppelin AUX in. - If rear-facing flow ports are positioned close to a wall, overly strong bass can be reduced via settings on a docked iPod/iPhone. - While the user-manual must be downloaded and generally is not overly clear, the Zeppelin Air marks an improvement on an already class-leading British product. :-)   

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks nice but continues to drop the network

    • Written by from Calgary

    I bought this unit for Black Friday and had it set up all week. Not once in the whole time did AirPlay work for a whole song.

    I first set it up with the default Firmware and followed the instructions. I had my network hidden and used WPA2 Wireless Security. The B&W would could not find my network. I un hid my network and the B&W finally found it. Once the Zepplin was all set up I tried using it via Airplay. The music would play for about 5 seconds and then the Airplay would drop and I would have to restart the Zepplin to find it again on Airplay. I tried with my MBP, iPhone 4S and iPad2 all with the same results. So, I updated the Firmware to 1.3.3. With the update I could 'almost' make it through a song before it was dropped. I repeated this several times in several rooms across my house. No Joy.

    The sound is great when it is playing and it looks great but alas I bought it for the iPlay functionality not the looks. I am returning this unit as completely unhappy with it.

    Note: I currently stream my music to Living Room via Airplay and AppleTV and office using Airport Extreme and an Amp. With excellent results. I wanted a portable unit to move to other rooms and the deck.

    I will keep looking for a decent unit.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Serious Networking Issues. Not AirPlay related

    • Written by from KENMORE

    Love the sound of this thing but the networking stack they implemented stinks.
    The device is constantly dropping off of my wireless network even though the indicator light remains solid purple which means it's connected and in AirPlay mode. Check of wireless clients through Airport Utility shows that sure enough the Zeppelin is not connected to the wireless network. I have had this happen during the middle of playback, like others. But I have also had this happen after pressing the standby button on the unit to wake it up with zero AirPlay connection attempts. The only way to correct this is to power cycle the unit. Really? And yes the firmware is at the latest version. And I'm still waiting to hear back from B&W's tech support.

    Honestly I'm ready to just dump this thing and go with an Airport Express and speakers. My sister's family has had zero issues with this setup.

    If you are seriously considering dropping this much cash, I would think twice.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great build

    • Written by from Port Coquitlam

    I just bought this from apple store Dec 5 2011. The cabinet and look is perfect for a small room. I use it for airplay through my iphone + use it as tv speakers for a small room via Optical mini cable. I wanted to use it for Airplay of my PC iTunes but there are problems with airplay through firewall that I cannot seem to figure out - This is a big drawback because i don't put all my music onto my iphone and want access to those songs.
    The sound is decent and room filling for a small bedroom or small office. Don't expect pinpoint soundstage because stereo separation is limited. Clarity of treble is good.
    I like the options for connections - optical, airplay, ipod dock. There was ethernet but I wasn't able to get that to work as "airplay".
    The biggest CON is the setup. Although listed by some as easy, there are too many issues. I found support was good but only if you can speak to someone...they try to get everyone to use their website and email support - not happy with that after I spent 1 long night fiddling with airplay. The problem turned out to be IE 9 has a bug when submitting to the device during setup. Wish they listed that problem on their site. It was easily solved by using Chrome browser instead.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Product, but here are some details

    • Written by from Santa Monica

    Zeppelin Air is a great product and I want to write this review to help anyone who is hesitating whether to buy it. Be patient and read on, I hope you could make the best choice for you.

    First, you need to realize it's not an apple product. Since it's not made by apple, you shouldn't expect Zeppelin Air to work as seamless as it is between apple products (like AIrplay from iPad to Apple TV). They are from different company. There will be some gaps/dropouts during Airplay, but I think this is totally bearable. Some people complain about the airplay is dropping out every 1 minute. Do some research on how to better set up the airplay. It's mostly about the routers. When you get the router done, it's not going to dropout every minute and I'm sure about it because I went through all that. B&W is a respectable company with great reputation.

    Second, the way it sound is great. It is room-filling, but it utilized more bass to create a feeling of room-filling, so it's kind of an easy way to achieve that name. So you will need a little EQ adjustment if you want it to sound more natural but it's no big deal, just some clicks on whatever iDevice you're docking it with.

    Third, it has individual drivers for high/med/low frequencies, but there is a good distance to listen to it. I have a studio which measures 18X24. From 3-5 feet, it sounds great with an excellent stereo feeling to it. But when you get further away, you hear more how it is individual drivers instead of separate speakers.

    Ok, so far I've stated three drawbacks of it. BUT, none of them marks it a bad product. I've owned Bose,Beats headphones+speakers. None of them could compete with B&W unless you're a Bass-sucker. I would definitely recommend this product. But I just hope whoever buys this great speaker could think whether they can accept these three minor(I consider it minor) drawbacks since it's priced at $599. Just keep in mind that it's not an apple product, so expect do some work on your own to get it work smooth. Want something this good and plug and play? Buy $999 B&O which is without airplay. Otherwise, enrich yourself with some knowledge of routers and you'll enjoy this wonderful speaker as you take a sip at your cappuccino.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    B&w zepplin air

    • Written by from Arlington

    This system was problem first try setup by cable (Ethernet ). This more simple to setup by iPad or iPhone it,S take less than 2 minutes.New firmware 1.1.3 updated but still some time drop play air that why rate 4 star.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing... Easy to setup and use.

    • Written by from Greensburg

    I have been using the Zeppelin Air for about five months and love it. I use AirPlay from my iMac, PowerBook, iPhone 4, and iPad. I am thinking about buying additional Zeppelin Air's for other rooms. No problems at all with setup... Took about five minutes and I'm no genius. I have unplugged and moved it to a different room without having to reprogram as some others have stated. I would give it a higher rating if I could.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Completely Frustrated and Dissapointed

    • Written by from Surrey

    This unit did not work out of the box after setting up the air play on a wirelessG router with 128bit encryption. Furthermore hooking up an iphone4s to unit plays for a couple of minutes and then turns off. The red light flashes, unit has to be unplugged and powered up again.

    This is no better than an expensive and ugly recharger. The sound, when it can be heard is awesome for mp3 player. All details are clear and balanced bass is deep. I put in a support request to B&W and hope to get some help because the web site support does not say enough. Furthermore the video is so lame. I'm from a computer engineering background and should be able to get through all the manuals to setup unit easily but this unit just doesn't work well. It is a dissapointment.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, with some caveats

    • Written by from MISSION VIEJO

    I've been working with the Zeppelin Air for a client during the last week, and the Zeppelin has great sound, but I've encountered a few usage issues.

    First, if you unplug it from the wall, there is no internal battery backup for the settings, so if you move it to another room, be prepared to use an Ethernet cable again to set up the wireless network and password.

    Also, whenever I've undocked an iPad 2 from it, I've had to press the power button again briefly for it to be recognized by AirPlay again. If I don't, iTunes doesn't see it as a speaker. I assume this would apply to all iOS devices, but I've only tested it with an iPad 2.

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