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    Magic Wand

    • Written by from Vancouver

    It works fine IF keyboard always connects if it doesn't it's a pain having to pull apart tp get at the keyboard peer button.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Magic Wand - Almost

    • Written by from New York

    Great idea and almost great execution. I agree with some of the reviewers - the metal dock should be a higher quality given the price but I bought it for one reason - to hold the Keyboard and Track Pad together - until Apple offers an integrated wireless keyboard and trackpad - like on my AirBook. The problem - the H-Bar does NOT fit easily and it is very difficult to remove which is necessary when you replace the batteries. I watched the video on Twelve South's website which shows the H-Bar smoothly sliding into place and being removed smoothly - NO WAY. I asked Twelve South to send me a replacement H-Bar on the premise that mine is defective. We'll see what happens. If I get satisfaction, I will update this review.

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    Just a Piece of Plastic

    • Written by from Toronto

    While the product functions, it's ridiculously priced for a track of plastic. For the cost I was expecting a piece of aluminium. Disappointed.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well with a couple flaws

    • Written by from Astoria

    When using on my lap, I would like to "click" the magic trackpad, but alas, the only option it the tap-to-click option in settings because there's no hard surface.

    When using on a desk, if you have a heavy typing hand (I only learned of mine after using this product), you will unintentionally click the trackpad when pressing keys near the bottom corner of the keyboard. This can become extremely irritating because the curser will jump around as if you intended to move or it; or it will recognize a double-click and select the text, overwriting already typed words.

    I love the concept of the MagicWand and I think the design is sleek and beautiful. I only wish the usability wasn't hindered in practice. I'm keeping mine, but training myself to use it differently. Some people may not want to bother.

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