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    Special Tool for Special Purpose

    • Written by from Portland

    There particular apps that use the power of this card. Among them are the latest versions of Premiere Pro, MatLab, After Effects (with certain plugins), Smoke, and DaVinci Resolve.

    Every other graphics intensive app I've tried runs faster with the Radeon HD 5870.

    This is not an impulse purchase. Do your research first.

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    Best WorkHorse Graphics Card for the $!!

    • Written by from Pointe Claire

    The 4000 is absolutely wonderful!
    1st the spec.s of my Mac Pro:

    SnowLeopard OS X 10.6.6, 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro, 16GB RAM, with a 'RocketRAID eSATA(Dual eSATA port[i.e.: 2 eSATA Ports that run @ 3Gb/s]+ has 64-bit driver)'. Connected to an External: "STARTECH 4x3.5 S354UFER U/FW/eSATA Enclosure" with FOUR 'SATA3 1.0TB W.D 7200 64M WD1002FAEX BLACK' inside set @ RAID 0(or striped RAID(Same thing))

    When I run: BlackMagic-SpeedTest I GET UNDER 10 BIT HDTV YUV 4:2:2 FRAME RATES:

    works extremely fast with PS & AE CS5(I've got both), but because FCS3 has not been updated to take advance of the 4000's architecture, yet anyway, software like FCP, Motion work well enough, but still lack that extra jump in speed…

    FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: You must not only DL the latest drivers from NVIDIA, but you must install them before you remove your old card & install the 4000!
    I found repairing 'permissions' after this was done to greatly improve performance!

    All & all, for the $$ I give the 4000 a 9/10. Though I've yet to benchmark the 4800.

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    Not yet, It seems to be stabilized.

    • Written by from Yong-in

    In my Macpro2009 (2X2.26 quad, 6X4G ram, snow leopard 10.6.5), quadro 4000 is not good working.
    Firstly, re-installing osx is impossible. At installing osx, install regular VGA card(GT120, 5870, etc) and then change VGA to quadro 4000.
    Secondly, in final cut pro, can't playback sequence with prores422 and 422HQ. But 4444,LT,Proxy are working. ( guess driver is not optimized or prores 422 codec is incomplete)
    Thirdly, mini DP converter(line and port HDMI) is not good. Duel display is not work yet.
    And I wonder about PCI cards-Hardware tab in system profiler. There are two quadro4000 (one is type display, the other is 'NVDA,Parent'), but type 'NVDA,parent' is not installed driver.

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