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    Brilliant DSLR - Needs Aperture RAW Support !

    • Written by from New Brunswick

    This is a truly brilliant DSLR. The excellence of the HD video experience reflects Canon's expertise in that niche, and explains why they do video better than everyone else. The camera feels good in the hand - excellent ergonomics. The metering is way better than anything you've seen in this range. If you're upgrading from a rebel you'll like the fact that you can keep all your SD cards. Some people have been harping on about the exclusion of the magnesium alloy body seen in prior XXD models. I think this is a non issue; its solid enough. Another point of criticism is the drop from 6 something fps to 5 something fps - if you're into sport and action photography this might affect you (get a 7D in which case !). The vari-angle screen isnt something that can be described - you need to use it to comprehend the extent to which this will change the way you shoot - at a very fundamental level. I love it.

    My only gripe - Aperture 3 still hasn't extended RAW support to the 60D. I'm hoping that happens sooner than later.

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    Excellent! (Apple needs RAW support!)

    • Written by from Monterey

    I sold my beloved G11 and picked this guy up about a month ago, and I just LOVE this camera! I opted for the kit lens, which isn't half bad; I actually like it quite a bit. I also added Canon's L-Series 100mm Macro lens and have to say that, the combination of the 60D and that lens, make for some truly outstanding photos! My favorite usability feature is the pop out LCD screen (shared with the G11). Though some may call it gimmicky, I say it's just flat out practical, especially for macro shots low to the ground. Overall, this camera rocks, and is a perfect upgrade from a lower-end SLR or a G11 :) Next stop: 5D...

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    • Written by from Fayetteville

    If you are working on picture or movies this camera works wonderful with both aspects. Flip out LCD screen is a wonderful feature in this camera that allows to shoot movies and pictures from angles that you previously wouldn’t think of before . Picture quality is amazing , it also lets you work on customizing your picture before you even plug it to the computer for the final touches . Get this camera if you wanna have stunning quality images and movies

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