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    Transmitter stops working after 3 to 4 minutes of running

    • Written by from Montreal

    My transmitter always stops working after 3 to 4 minutes of running (the heart rate stay at the same value and do not move from there). I have been running for 5 weeks with it (4 times per week) and it worked only 2 or 3 of my runs… I’m using it with my Nike+GPS watch…

    I have tried everything they are saying in one of the article that POLAR have on their website.. and nothing is working… for example that the contact between the skin and the electrodes of the heart rate sensor have to be good, the elastic strap should not be loose, the electrode should not be dry, etc.

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    It has potential

    • Written by from LONDON

    I bought this a few days ago. Here are the problems.
    1. It only works to the best of its potential with a Nano 6G or iTouch. I have a Nano 5G.
    2. The Nano 6G has a heart rate workout only facility, which is great for working out in the gym.
    3. If you plug Nano into a Nike+ cardio machine at the gym, it does not record heart rate.

    As I have only recently started working out, I find the Nikerunning site and Nikeactive site really good motivators. I am nowhere near the running stage, so I could have saved myself money. I also bought the sport kit this week.

    Nike and Apple really need to be clearer in their literature regarding how their Nike+ equipment works. There are a lot of items that are not compatible and for 2 mega-companies, this is not good enough.

    The only plus for me is the Wearlink does work with my Polar watch F11. Polar state it is not compatible but I have had no problems (yet) with recording workouts or uploading them to the Polar personal training site.

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