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    Beware - Need Nike + Sport kit receiver for it to work

    • Written by from ST-Jerome

    Title says it all...got caught buying the strap transmitter only...

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    Mixed Feelings, imperfect

    • Written by from Chicago

    I tried this on a iPod Nano 6G hoping to replace my Suunto heart rate monitor.

    The good : It shows your heart rate in real time.

    The bad : It won't show basic information like the calories you've burned while still working out, average heart rate, max heart rate. Also, it won't use your heart rate data to show calories burned. It uses data from nike foot pod, which seems a lot more inaccurate than it would be off of heart rate data.

    How they can improve this is to show more of this information on the iPod nano 6G with any given workout. If I want to base my workout on calories, I have to choose a calorie workout, but then I can't see my real time heart rate unless I use the audio control to hear it.

    If I want to base my workout on my heart rate, I can't gain access to calories consumed. Why not make all of this data accessible just like a Polar heart rate monitor? I am hoping for a software update to the Nano 6G, because otherwise this product falls short of it's potential.

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    Wish it worked with iPhone 4

    • Written by from Dunwoody

    I needed a new heart rate monitor, so I waited for this one to come out... why not have the Nike+ version. I didn't realize that it only worked with the SportBand or Nano 5. The in shoe sensor can work with both the Sportband and the iPhone app at the same time, you just have to sync one or the other I guess. Hope there is an update to the Nike+ software to support the heart rate monitor since I assume it's not an issue with the firmware in the Polar band.

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